Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why the RV?

This weekend marks our one-month anniversary of RV living.

I am sure I have an obese case of the hopeless romantic (something, I previously would have denied). There was a time when I dreamt of starting my life as a married women living in this beauty.

However, sometimes an opportunity is larger than a dream. Ben, my husband, works as a Residential Staff Member for a teenage substance abuse program. We are living in the RV while the on site cabin is built for us so that Ben can continue to invest in the young men.
Before the RV, I would have told you I was a low-maintenance rough-it-type of girl. I mean, I grew up camping! However, I was wrong. There have been quirky dilemmas such as lack of heat and frozen shampoo (who knew shampoo could FREEZE?!?!?). It has definitely made our newly-minted marriage cherish (previously) overlooked amenities. I'm not going to deny; the RV and I got off to a rocky start.
"Really? No HEAT?"
"Frozen SHAMPOO?!?"
In the meantime, Ben had become quite the handyman. While we were dating, he prefaced our marriage with "I'm not a handyman" comment. I beg to differ. The man is learning how to fix everything:
Me: "The stove doesn't work."
Him: "Okay, I'll figure it out"
Me: "The lights won't turn on."
Him: "I'll take care of it."
Yet, even as I watched Ben take care of problem after problem, I seriously thought the RV was out to get me. And, with this in mind, I started hating it in return.
But, after this first month, my perspective is changing. Things are settling down - we have heat, the stove works, the lights work and my frozen shampoo days are behind us.
Thankfully, because of some renovates that took place prior to our move-in, we have our own furniture. So, while my home may not look like that dreamy 1920 bungalow on the outside, it feels like home on the inside. Which has helped my sentiments towards the RV go from total despise to civility, and finally, to a slow-developing fondness. There is hope for me and the RV yet. :)
As soon as I figure out how to post pictures (the upload image option isn't working properly for me!!), I will give you a tour of our little home.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diving In

Well....I've joined the blogging world. It's a world I've stalked and wishfully stood on the sidelines to for quite sometime. But the time to join is now, so I've jumped in. I'm excited to join this world of blogging. I've had a love affair with it for so long, its nice to be an official member!

On this blog, I will share stories as a newly-minted wife whose current home is an RV; delve into my (secret) passion as a food critic; and then, of course, leave room for whatever random stuff or thoughts I choose to share here. That's the joy of having a blog, right?

I've been encouraged to record my adventures of living in an RV. I mean, it isn't every day you hear of a newlywed couple beginning their life together in an RV! I tried the journal option, but that didn't last long. Mostly, I think, because it is more fun when someone can read your thoughts. So, hopefully, my readers will generate and this won't be another (online) journal.

Standby, this is only the beginning.