Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 37

We are getting near the end! I've mentioned before how surreal this entire process is...but really! In just a few short weeks, this baby who has been long-anticipated is always here!

This week, I experienced:

- Hot-flashes. SO WEIRD. I'm not accustom to getting hot in the middle of the night. Sweating - all the time.

- Still starving. It never ends.

- Celebrating Maternity pictures. Katie Rivers absolutely amazed me.

- We await the arrival of the crib, swing, and breast pump. Let's hope they get here soon! :)

- Ben brings me back to earth and talks me out of haz-mat suits in light of my fears of Madden getting the flu. (I wish I was kidding about that sentence)

- Weird aches, pains and leaks. Let's leave it at that.

- This child's sports clothes collection is growing rapidly - he already owns the following: multiple Atlanta Falcon's outfits, LA Lakers' t-shirt, Georgia Tech onesie and Ohio Buckeye onesie (my best friend is a fan).

- Wonderful pedicures. I love Ben for taking good care of me!

- Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is only my 4th cup of coffee since I've been pregnant. It was wonderful.

- The end is in sight. And a new beginning awaits.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Did anyone watch EVER watch the old classic movie "Bambi"? Remember when Thumper's mom says, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." 70 years later and Thumper's mom's words hold SO MUCH wisdom.

During my pregnancy, I've had several comments said to me that I was able to brush off. Even laughed at, even. However, there are some comments that I wonder WHAT IN THE WORLD PROVOKES PEOPLE TO SAY SUCH A THING?

I've had people tell me that I would have a 15 pound baby because my belly is enormous. I've also had people tell me that it seems like I've been pregnant for forever. Every person and stranger who walks into my office makes a comment about my belly - "Wow! You are huge!", "You are breathing heavy, are you okay?"...I've had people tell me they couldn't believe I could still be standing without that baby falling out between my legs.

These are discouraging comments.

Pregnancy has made me feel like my body is foreign to me. I've had changes take place with my body that have made me (even more) self-conscious. In addition, being 37 weeks pregnant, I am sleep-deprived. When I stand up at work, I feel my hips readjust as I's painful. My feet are swollen ALL the time...and I can't even put them up until the end of a long day of work. The last thing I need is someone to make a "funny" comment.

With all that said, I want to include some blogs of things NOT to say to a pregnant woman. I'm sure MY readers are far more thoughtful than some of the bearers of the comments I've received and the comments in these blogs. So why share this at all? Because it takes thoughtful and caring people LIKE YOU to be aware of these comments. And if you are around your preggo friends and hear these comments, be courageous and say something! Encourage your pregnant friend! Your encouraging comments will reach into the heart of your pregnant friend and could transform her day. Literally.

Pregnancy Etiquette

Things A Pregnant Woman Shouldn't Hear

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 36

If you ask me how much longer I have this week, I will tell you 3.5 weeks. It feels so close, but then so far away too. Sometimes, I even wonder if this pregnancy is real, then the baby kicks and moves around or I get up to use the restroom (for the 1000th time) and I am reminded this is real...the days just seem long right now.

For this week, we have a lot to highlight:

- Ben makes me laugh by:
  • When I have Braxton Hicks Contractions: He asks me if now is when I'm going to "birth that baby?"
  • He practices his reaction for when my water breaks. Hysterically funny. 
  • Telling me he is ready for this pregnancy deal to be over. (I think we both are!)
- After months and months of gathering various pieces of art for the nursery, the frames are here and the art is going up this weekend! 

- Praying and hoping that Madden doesn't come until my sister arrives. But, he can definitely arrive the 1st day she is here! :)

- Woke up from a dream where it was my firstborn's birthday and I forgot.

- Watching the quilt for the nursery come together. It really is looking AWESOME...and it isn't even finished yet!

- Trying not to forget to buy about 5 packets of Polaroid film for my Polaroid camera for when the baby gets here.

- Swollen feet. And hands. And face. Looking forward to the day where walking isn't uncomfortable and my fingers look normal again and my face isn't puffy.

- Cherishing these last few weeks of Ben and I. I know I've mentioned this before, but as this pregnancy comes to an end, I am reminded by how much our lives will change (for the best, of course!). Yet with the goodness about to be bestowed on us, I am not forgetting or ignoring the goodness these last 2 years of JUST Ben and I have been.

- Craving pancakes. Someone please place a pancake shop right outside my house with endless flavors of pancakes. I can't get enough.

- Determined to cherish every moment with Madden. To enjoy those messy diapers, and spit up stains and sleepless nights because life is short and we only get this time with our baby once. Planning to hold our little one a lot because life is short and we only get this with our baby once. To not hurry his progress...he will walk eventually, throw a ball, play with his friends and eat solid food...all in due time. But to enjoy each moment. All because we only get this time with our baby once.

- Praying for grace to raise our son.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How One Friend's Journey Inspired Me.

I don't think I am naturally positive. I mean, I prefer a good tragedy over a comedy, and would rather make people cry than laugh. I'm not like my dad who says he is so positive even his blood is B positive.

That isn't me.

But several months ago, I began to notice a change in a friend's facebook statuses. That change went from random statuses just like everyone else on anyone's friend's statuses of thankfulness. She called it the journey towards a changed perspective. Just like a regular creeper, I found myself going to her facebook page each day just to see if she had updated her status and what she was thankful for that day. It felt awkward, I'll admit. We lost touch years ago, so I even got paranoid she would "defriend" me and THEN I WOULD MISS OUT ON HER STATUSES. (She didn't.) What intrigued me was her statuses boasted of nothing glamorous. They were refreshing normal and honest, but always thankful. Always - even down to unfolded laundry and stressful days at work which were reported IN THANKFULNESS. Eventually, the creepiness of my consistent following turned into curiosity. Could I do it? Could I write a status of thankfulness, too? It seemed both incredibly easy and overwhelming. And, should I ask my friend for permission to copy her idea?

Then, I realized I'd never do it if I didn't stop over-analyzing. So I did it. And, I didn't even ask her permission. Then, I did it again. And again.

Only to realize that a status of thankfulness is refreshing...for me. It reminds me how good and full and abundant my life is. How blessed I am. How content I am. And, how happy I am....(which suddenly makes me think I am becoming more like my dad each day.)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 35

Week 35 came with 2 doctor's appointments; where I found out I am progressing normally. This week also brought other things as well:

- I returned to my college to celebrate homecoming and visit with friends. It was so much fun; but I was acutely aware of how being with friends from college may make me FEEL like a college girl again, but at 9-months pregnant I have to keep in mind how much is too much and know when to stop.

- Sleepless nights continue...making Sunday afternoon naps wonderful.

- Hospital bag ready.

- My pre-baby to-do list continues to shrink. It is ESPECIALLY nice to have thank you notes done! woohoo!

- After the last 7 months of doing MORE than his fair share of the housework, Ben is enjoying the fruits of my nesting.

- My dad orders the "come-home-from-the-hospital-outfit". I know it is a baseball uniform which is significant since ALL my brothers wore a baseball uniform when my parents brought them home.

- For the past couple of weeks, I would think "6 1/2 weeks" left. Now, I'm just rounding down. Which means, this weekend, I've been telling EVERYONE I only have 4 more weeks. Which is true, but is probably a little ahead of myself too.

- I waited my entire pregnancy for the insensitive comments of people...and they came, right at the end. It has been extremely unbelievable the comments I have received and how they have left me feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable.

- Praying this baby comes the week my sister is here. I really want her there.

- Realizing how good life is.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 34

This week, for whatever reason, it hit me. I'm approximately 6 weeks from meeting our baby. Several people have asked if I am scared of delivery, no, I'm not. But, it definitely seems surreal that Ben and I are about to become parents. These last few weeks of just Ben and I are ones I am cherishing. As life will change (for the best, of course), I am spending a lot of time praying and hoping we don't lose the "us" factor of our family.

This week brought:

- possible candidates job-shadowing to fill in for me at my job. That seemed so weird, but also crazy because I'm SO CLOSE and I will spend these final weeks before Madden gets here training this individual.

- Gagging on my own stomach acid. Is that nasty or what to think about? But it happened and it scared Ben as much as it scared me. I've made adjustments with my sleeping arrangements to avoid that happening again. So far, so good.

- Feeling like my hips creak back into place when I moved. Oh made walking a whole new experience as I waddle to get things adjusted.

- Ben watching me jump into to action (as he calls it). This nesting thing has made me feel a sense of urgency to get EVERYTHING finished. The nursery is becoming more and more organized and I am wrapping up those last minute projects that are STILL hanging over my head.

- We had our maternity pictures taken. It was so much fun and I am so eager to see how they turned out. Now,  I can officially start thinking about the newborn pictures.

- Realizing how much Madden loves music. It is so fascinating to feel him wiggle when there is music playing.

- I'm ready. I'm ready to hold our baby and looking forward to embracing the opportunity, responsibility and privilege given to Ben and I to raise our little one.