Monday, November 28, 2011

Dinner Ideas: WANTED

I have no inspiration for dinner. So I'm asking for help. Basically, I've gotten EXTREMELY bored with food and cooking, so we definitely have the same things over and over again. We need to incorporate more vegetables, but when I go to the produce department of the grocery store, I feel overwhelmed and I stare blankly at all the veggies available.

Here is what we are currently consuming:

Chicken with vegetables (green beans, broccoli, potatoes - in rotation)
A pasta dish with tomato sauce and green beans or broccoli

HELP ME. Just for the record - Ben hates onions, so I cook without them. Looking forward to seeing your ideas. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This was going to be the year. The year Ben and I celebrated Thanksgiving in New York City to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

This was not the year for that.

Instead, it was the year for baby snuggles. For young parents eating turkey in shifts. For an infant so curious of the festivities, he refused to nap. For 3 generations gathering. Lots of laughter, lots of yummy food. It was a good day.

Was it what we thought it would be? No. Was it sweeter? Absolutely.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our 3am Morning

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house...
...Slept a baby, a momma and two dogs...
...While the daddy scurried around the house like a mouse.

Then 3am presented its face
And chaos conviently picked up its pace.

Cried the baby for food!
Then a change in the mood...

On the sheets she found poop.
She was definitely thrown for a loop.

She flipped on the light.
Oh! What a sight!

Poop on the floor!
Don't say anymore!

She issued a plea the husband downstairs!
"come help me!"

Up he ran, no steps did he lack!
To the room he arrived and stopped in his tracks.


Soon The mess was cleaned...and the baby was fed.
All seemed calm. Til...

Voices she heard outside of the window.
A detour husband took from bed.

To see if the voices were a scam.

Outside on the streets, stood CATS!

(this is a true story)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Working Thru Grief

It has been 5 years since my mom passed away from cancer. This year, all I've been able to reflect on is how far I've come....specifically, how I've processed through my grief. Grief is so different for everyone. What works for me, may not work for everyone else. I am not an expert at all just someone sharing what worked for me.

1. Embracing all the emotions.
Anger. Tears. Laughter. Fear. Abandonment. All these emotions have come at different times. Different moments. I've learned to accept them when they come. It helps me and removes the feeling of drowning.

2. Talking.
Talking about my mom. Talking about my feelings.

3. Counseling.
Going to see a counselor was wonderful. I felt I was given the tools to understand my grief.

4. Support Group.
I joined Students of AMF and the opportunity to meet with others who had experienced loss...specifically loss of a parent, sibling was so beneficial. So invaluable.

5. Community.
My closest friends have never been timid about talking about my mom...or my feelings. It is a true sign of friendship when a subject is not taboo.

6. Difficult Days. Difficult Moments.
I know the days that will be particularly hard. Those are almost easier to handle than the moments. The moments are unpredictable and come suddenly. Preparing for them is impossible, so I have no choice but to embrace.

7. A book.
A lady gave this book to me for my dad. He read it in a day, it took me months. Every sentence was so raw and so aptly described how I felt. The book is "A Grace Disguised".

I've learned that life goes on. And, that I will not live my life feeling handicapped by my loss. Healing does come and for me, Grace brought it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nursery Tour

Where I got what:
Quilt (my creation)
Crib (Not sure of the exact name or brand of crib)
Owl riding Bike Art,
Owls reading,
Bedtime Owl Print
Owl with green background (gifted),
Owl painted canvas (custom piece my sister got for me),
Trio Piece (Owls on Tree, Nature Scene, "M" piece)
O is For Owl Art Piece (working to find the link for the seller)

Owl Pillow/Stuffed Animal
Owl Pillow (my creation)
Dresser (bought from a friend)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Me and Sports

Part of marrying Ben was my accepting what his die-hard love of sports. Specifically, his love for the Atlanta Falcons and the LA Lakers.

The first season I experienced with Ben was...a learning experience for me. One of tolerance. I tolerated his love of sports because I wanted to be with him. I went to the games with him. He even let me bring a book with me.

The second season I experienced with him...I tried to be a little more engaging. I left the book at home when we went to games. I wore the t-shirt. I sat in the living room while he watched the game. I bought him the Madden NFL football video game.

This season, I couldn't go to the games. I was huge and uncomfortable at 6 months pregnant and Ben and I both knew it would be a miserable experience...for both of us. But I followed the game on ESPN to gage Ben's reaction. When the games are away, I watch the games with him. Lately, though, I decided to buy in completely. I want not to just tolerate this aspect of my husband's life, but I want to embrace it. So I watch ESPN talk shows with him. I listen - truly listen- to Ben explain plays to me. I follow sport analysts on twitter. What brought about this change? I don't know. Probably more to do with the fact that I cherish spending time with Ben and this is a great way for me to show him how much I love him.

Which is a good thing, of course. But it is always made better when he quizzes me for players' names from different teams and I rattle them off. And Ben's look of surprise and pride is worth it all.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We became three

Last week, Ben and I became +1. We became three. This first week, we adjusted to sleep deprivation. We discovered we would survive without help. We discovered we could do this thing called parenthood. Most of all, We stared in wonder at this tiny one...amazed that he is ours.

This week, we have remained astonished by the amount of diapers we've gone through.

The long hours we now keep at night.

We worry. We have learned to be flexible.

More than anything, we have stared in wonder at this tiny one...amazed that he is ours.

We've called the doctor out of concern.

We've sang silly songs. We've read books. We have enjoyed the reality of parenthood.

We have continually stared in wonder at this tiny one...absolutely amazed that he is ours.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby A Update: Pregnancy concludes

My last blog post regarding waiting for Madden was week 37. Technically, I posted that at the BEGINNING of my 38th week...I was running behind and figured it was best to post something, rather than nothing.

The last couple of weeks (last week and this week, in particular), have been a whirlwind. To be honest with you, I'm not ready to share everything quite yet. But, I can summarize:

- This pregnancy has been all about teaching this insane planner to be truly flexible.
- I have learned the importance of giving myself GRACE. Grace to know that while I am my Mother's daughter, I am not under any obligation to do it "her" way.
- At the end of the day, pregnancy presents decisions that must be made and the only ones who can make the best decisions are (for instance) Ben and I.

- Our baby is here! Ben and I are amazed that this child is a product of both of us; and we are enjoying every moment with him.
- All my specific prayer requests were answered concerning the birth and delivery of our son.
- satisfaction over how the entire event (labor and delivery) went.
- It has only been mere days since our son's birth, but I have enjoyed the impact of a deeper partnership in our marriage.
- Watching Ben as a dad. It is heart-melting.
- Infant smiles and facial expressions.