Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our 3am Morning

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house...
...Slept a baby, a momma and two dogs...
...While the daddy scurried around the house like a mouse.

Then 3am presented its face
And chaos conviently picked up its pace.

Cried the baby for food!
Then a change in the mood...

On the sheets she found poop.
She was definitely thrown for a loop.

She flipped on the light.
Oh! What a sight!

Poop on the floor!
Don't say anymore!

She issued a plea the husband downstairs!
"come help me!"

Up he ran, no steps did he lack!
To the room he arrived and stopped in his tracks.


Soon The mess was cleaned...and the baby was fed.
All seemed calm. Til...

Voices she heard outside of the window.
A detour husband took from bed.

To see if the voices were a scam.

Outside on the streets, stood CATS!

(this is a true story)

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  1. I hope this means you are getting back to writing!!! The return of Mongo??? Please?!


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