Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 22 & 23

Week 22:

- Feet swelling. This lovely addition to my pregnancy that I really do have to take it easy. And, that is not easy for me at all! I love to do a lot - hang out, go do new things, etc. While I am still enjoying an active life, I also have become keenly aware that my body begins to scream when enough is enough.

- My sister gave me this custom-made piece of art for Madden's room.
Life of Mars
- After reading my pregnancy book, I grew fearful of constipation. (too much information?) So, I've been chewing away at homemade wheat bread and multi-grain cereal.

Week 23:

- We went shopping for clothes for Madden. One of my goals is to buy clothes for him NOW for next summer. I got this tip from my cousin Crystal who encouraged me to buy clothes ahead of time because it saves money in the end. I have definitely taken this advice seriously and I am becoming so thankful for Crystal's insight and advice. Plus, Ben and I have had a lot of fun buying 6-9 months clothes or 6-12 month clothes.

- Madden gets the hiccups. I am still cracking up feeling and watching him with his hiccups. It is hysterical to me.

- I bought Madden's diaper bag. I have been searching high and low for a fun diaper bag. I originally picked out this awesome Retro bag.
Source: Fudge Banana Swirl

But, Ben vetoed it when he saw the price. So, I continued my search and was able to get a custom-made one!
Two Little Monkeys Shop
Are you surprised I didn't go with owls? Well, I did look for an owl diaper bag, but in the end, it was the dinosaurs that just captured my attention. I also wanted something that Madden could grow into. And, for as much as I love owls, I think he could quickly out-grow owls.

- I feel like my belly is bulging. Which is why my week 22 preggo picture will never surface. I feel like a whale.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Blogs

I've been enjoying some new blogs lately. My blog choices are evolving...and I can tell it has something to do with little Madden coming our way.

This week, my friend Tori (check out her blog and Etsy shop!) sent me this awesome blog:
Meet The Dubiens
This fun Mom blogs about all the creative (not to mention inexpensive) crafts she does with her kids. She also highlights some INCREDIBLE lunches for her little ones in Fun Food Friday.

I also frequent Fudge Banana Swirl. This fun blog/website is ran by photographer Chenin Boutwell. My favorite thing about this blog is the variety - recipes, fun books, nursery designs, fun clothing, etc.
Fudge Banana Swirl

I just stumbled upon Sugar and Meringue blog. There is so much goodness on this blog, you just CAN'T read it all in one day!

I have this (not-so-secret) desire to integrate all things vintage into my home. This Mom of 3 (soon-to-be 4!) kiddos does an incredible job. She recently hosted a fun Cake Party.  Friends! I might just be stealing this fun idea. I mean, WHO DOESN'T like cake and friends together?!?!?

What have you been reading lately?

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Sneak Peek: Madden's Nursery!

An update of Madden's Nursery! 

We chose gray as the color for the nursery; I wanted a color that was modern, gender-neutral and didn't take away from the other accent colors I plan to use. This was an especially tall order for a color choice since we selected the color before we knew what we were having. The owl theme was also chosen way before we even knew we were pregnant! I've been busy collecting owl things and that has been so fun. Once I do the big display, I will list where we got everything. But, for now, you just get a sneak peek! 

Ben painting away! He is almost finished!!

The dresser, the rug, and the various things we've collected/received for Madden.

Another view of the room.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby A Update: Weeks 20 & 21

As a reminder: Baby A & Madden are the same person! I'm just forewarning you if I mix the two up! :)

Week 20:

- We saw Madden move! That was so crazy cool and I loved every second. He is just as active as ever...and while this may seem weird, I can feel a difference as each week passes and he grows bigger.

- I began to collect ideas for the ONE YEAR birthday party. And, halloween costume. Never mind the fact we have one and half years until we even GET TO THAT POINT. I can't help it. I'm so excited.

- I tried to talk to Ben about Christmas card ideas. He refused to discuss that with me. I suppose it appears extreme to discuss Christmas JUNE.

- Ben discussed with Madden enjoying all things Americana and Apple Pie. I always crack up to watch Ben talk to my belly. It is so precious and Madden just wiggles more and more when he hears Ben's voice.

Week 21:

- Nursery paint project is DONE. Ben did an excellent job and we can begin focusing on art, decor and more. I'll post pictures of the nursery soon.

- Round ligament pain showed up in excellent form. Catching me by surprise and causing me to feel like I was going to pass out. In the end, I really think the heat was bothering me. And, there is nothing like Gatorade to make you feel ALL better.

- Ben's Mom took me shopping for maternity clothes. It was my second trip for maternity clothes, and it signified another step away from my regular clothes (which I'm able to just BARELY squeeze in) to maternity clothes. I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the time to go shopping with Cindy.

- We bought our first outfit for Madden. Of course, it would be just plan wrong if that purchase wasn't sports related. So, we bought 3 Falcon Onesies for Baby A. I have to admit, they are so precious.

- I emailed my photo-shoot ideas to our Maternity photographer. Granted, we aren't even doing the session until September, but I wanted to send her ideas of what I was thinking before I forgot.

- Oh, and I'm forgetful.

- Almost every conversation with Ben, I talk about how this time NEXT year, we will have a 7 month old, 8 month old, etc. That is a very surreal thought.