Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 22 & 23

Week 22:

- Feet swelling. This lovely addition to my pregnancy that I really do have to take it easy. And, that is not easy for me at all! I love to do a lot - hang out, go do new things, etc. While I am still enjoying an active life, I also have become keenly aware that my body begins to scream when enough is enough.

- My sister gave me this custom-made piece of art for Madden's room.
Life of Mars
- After reading my pregnancy book, I grew fearful of constipation. (too much information?) So, I've been chewing away at homemade wheat bread and multi-grain cereal.

Week 23:

- We went shopping for clothes for Madden. One of my goals is to buy clothes for him NOW for next summer. I got this tip from my cousin Crystal who encouraged me to buy clothes ahead of time because it saves money in the end. I have definitely taken this advice seriously and I am becoming so thankful for Crystal's insight and advice. Plus, Ben and I have had a lot of fun buying 6-9 months clothes or 6-12 month clothes.

- Madden gets the hiccups. I am still cracking up feeling and watching him with his hiccups. It is hysterical to me.

- I bought Madden's diaper bag. I have been searching high and low for a fun diaper bag. I originally picked out this awesome Retro bag.
Source: Fudge Banana Swirl

But, Ben vetoed it when he saw the price. So, I continued my search and was able to get a custom-made one!
Two Little Monkeys Shop
Are you surprised I didn't go with owls? Well, I did look for an owl diaper bag, but in the end, it was the dinosaurs that just captured my attention. I also wanted something that Madden could grow into. And, for as much as I love owls, I think he could quickly out-grow owls.

- I feel like my belly is bulging. Which is why my week 22 preggo picture will never surface. I feel like a whale.

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  1. Ah, I'm sure you look adorable. I'm glad that my advice has been helpful. On a side note, I have a package that I plan on sending you before Madden comes instead of when he's born. I'm notorious for sending out super late packages so I thought if I sent it in the summer I'd be early for once (that's the idea anyway). Love, Crystal.


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