Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Introducing: Milo.

It was Saturday. And, the woman looked at me across the cluttered table. "You saved his life, you know." She said it nonchalantly, as if I save lives everyday. "He was found on the side of the road, " she paused. "And, he has been here for several months, we couldn't keep him much longer." Tears welled up in my eyes. I've never saved a life before.

Ben and I have been talking for several months about getting a dog. We've gone back and forth on the pros and cons. But last week, we decided it was time. Ben's schedule requires him to be gone a lot of evenings leaving me by myself. I needed a companion. So, we went to a pet event in our local town. We got up early Saturday morning to scope out our dog, our pet. We wandered around; questioned ourselves as to why we wore flip flops when we noticed our grass-caked feet thanks to the early morning dew. We passed the cages of dogs, all different sizes, breeds and ages. Then we stopped. Staring at us was a  little black dog who just sat there. He wasn't barking like the rest of his peers, or attacking his cage desperate to get our attention. No, he just sat there.

So, we brought him home. And, according to the lady at the Animal Shelter booth, we saved his life.

After much discussion of names - Ben wanted to name him after a Falcons' Football Player, we chose Milo.

Milo has proven to be quite the little cuddlier. He wants nothing better to do than curl up on the couch right beside me, or in my lap, or where-ever. He just wants to be with me. All the time. If I move, he is at my heels. Its almost as if he is afraid I'll leave him. He clearly loves me the most. But, don't think for one moment, he doesn't love Ben! On Ben's short runs, he takes Milo. Milo comes back so tired he can barely keep his eyes open. But he loves it, they run together.

It has definitely been a lot of fun having Milo. Definitely expect stories of him to pop up every now and again!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ben's Sunday Routine.

Every single Sunday, Ben spends the moments leading up to the Falcons' game preparing. Mentally. Physically. He gets in the zone.

Throughout the course of the game, he paces. He talks - he corrects the sports broadcasters for mispronouncing a player's name, he yells at the referees for make bad calls or not catching a face mask (I don't know what that means, but it makes me wonder: they do facials on the field?), he talks to the Falcons players, coaches and anyone else that will listen (like me). In the midst of the game, Ben rewinds to watch a play again, or catch a facial expression of a coach or player. Or, fast forward through all the commercials. He prays, pleads with God to stop one play or let another one go - as long as it is in the favor of the Falcons. Depending on what is going on - I've been known to screen all facebook, twitter and text messages for Ben during the game.

This is serious stuff, I tell you.

Today, was no different. In the first quarter, at the first score made by the Saints, Ben's despair flew to great depths. "Ben, the game isn't over." I reminded him. For one second, he came out of his zone. He nodded, acknowledging my comment, then I lost him again to the game.

What you will watch below is not a re-enactment. It is an actual event, displaying Ben's ardent passion for football, for the Falcons. You will see the agony, the despair, the joy. You will see a glimpse of what I get to watch every week, not the game (who watches THAT), but Ben, in his element. I wouldn't trade this for the world.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Reliving My Childhood (Crush)

I would never have admitted it. EVER. I was much too intelligent. Far beyond all my fellow peers who totally jumped on the two-second bandwagon called Hanson. But, my friends, I was in love with the band Hanson.

Does ANYONE remember them? Here they are then:

And, here they are now:

Aaahhh....13 years later, I've changed. I'm willing to admit that I like them. Now. And then, too. That is a start, right?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Talk About Love

It is definitely one of my top-ten favorite subjects. Love. I want to hear people gush over their love stories. I want to hear every single detail. EVERY ONE. I still squeal when people tell me they found someone. It is a beautiful thing. Love, that is. Recently, I've been looking at the various angles of love. It has been intriguing to look at.

My friend Lisa. I love her look on love. Her love vantage point starts as a military wife whose husband is deployed. Her viewpoint zooms into her two loves, her children, as she waits for the love of her life to come safely back into her arms. Lisa looks at love with joy, with longing, with anticipation.

My brother Caleb. He met Hannah 4 years ago at a summer camp. We all thought it was a fling. But it wasn't. Their love survived long-distance, family drama and now, their young marriage is learning the cost of sacrifice, the importance of those moments together. Caleb looks at love through the eyes of providing for his wife, for holding fast to dreams, for cherishing time together and the strength to endure.

My sister Lydia. How I love her. She didn't think she was lovable. The pursuit she had experienced in the past was ill-fated, ugly and far from anything she dreamed of. That has changed. And how great it is to look at her, to hear her voice, happy. That a good man has noticed her, cares about her.

My friend Joanna. She sees love as an overflowing waterfall of contentment. I admire that. She pours herself into 8 year old girls who need encouragement, teenagers who are floundering through high school, she embraces life with zeal. Maybe it isn't "love" like she longs for - a man. But it definitely is love that puts other before herself.

My friend Coda. Coda loves people. Coda loves music. I love Coda's heart. She is passionate. Passionate about showing people love that just wraps them up in a bear hug and holds them tight. Passionate about showing people how music can restore one's soul to hope.

Where do you see love?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I (heart) boy roommates.

(copying Today's Letters)

Why boy roommates are awesome: Ben just walked into house playing music from his MP3 player while saying, " The lawn mower is outside"

Easy A Movie Clip

Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Things I Can't Live Without

Today, we celebrate 9 months of marriage. Incredible. I thought I'd do a different twist on 5 Things I Can't Live Without...all surrounding Ben.

1. His OCD-ness. Thank GOD that I married a man who is OCD. He cleans house, does laundry, kills bugs and takes out the trash. I'm super lucky!

2. He cares. About my drama. My family. The many reasons I fly into the depths of despair. My job. He cringes when I'm freezing and I don't have my sweater.  My friends. He care a lot about me.

3. He dances. And, he is good. 

4. He makes fun of people. In the best way possible, of course. His brother calls it "Ben jokes". And, I love them. 

5. His ability to plan the best dates ever. Seriously. My husband plans the best dates EVER.

I love him.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reality TV As It Relates To My Life

Some people HATE reality TV. And, quite frankly, I have no idea why. It is hilarious. It is weird. It is addicting.

This summer, Ben and I took on a huge commitment of two reality TV shows. Bachelor Pad (yes, I watched that show...don't hate!) and Big Brother: season 12.

The Bachelor Pad was not that big of a commitment, it was two hours every Monday. And, it was two hours that I spent every Monday debating WHY IN THE WORLD do I watch that show? Only to pick up again the following Monday. (I know, I know. I have a problem) In addition (and most importantly!), Tenley was back. And, I LOVE Tenley. So I had no choice, as a fan, I HAD to watch it.

Big Brother was a completely and totally different story. LET.ME.TELL.YOU. That show required 3 nights a week, 1 hour a week. ARGH. It was so demanding. And, it made me feel claustrophobic. And, Ben begged to go on the show. (but that is a different story)

So, this week. Everything ended. Bachelor Pad - finale is over (Tenley did not win, so I am still recovering from rooting for her TWICE and she didn't win.). And, Big Brother concluded as well. Again, my "person" did not win. Which means - Ben and I did the math - that since JANUARY, I have watch diligently devoted myself to 5 Reality TV shows and my "person" NEVER WINS. Argh. It is so frustrating! 

On another note, I'm left in a huge dilemma: WHAT DO I WATCH NOW? What shows are you totally into? And recommendations?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Football Season.

It is the beginning of Football Season. Well, actually, it was Sunday. But, ANYWAY...I find myself saying "Farewell, my love" to Ben, because life as I know it, as I have cherished it, is gone.GONE!

Its Football Season, after-all.

Which means, suddenly, I will be pulling out the best combination for how to dress up a Falcon T-shirt. (It is a struggle, I tell you!)

Which means, Football and I will start the tug-o-war for Ben. I get jealous because of the attention my husband gives that sport. JEALOUS.

Which means, I will be thanking the LORD ABOVE for DVR - it will save my sanity as we cut that 4 hour game into less agony for me 2 hours of efficient viewing.

Which means, that for the next 5 months (but who is counting?), if you need my husband, you can find him in front of the TV. Pacing. Talking. Rocking back and forth in suspense, agony, joy. However, if you need me, I will be right beside him, sending fiery darts to that stupid clock that stops every 5 seconds to review a game only making the process more miserable, in support.

Which, lastly means, I will be making lots of fun football treats. Why not?

Cupcakes in an ice cream cone anyone?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Me Time.

Dear Blog,

I feel like I should apologize. I know I've been MIA. I know you feel like I've forgotten about you. I guess saying "I haven't" doesn't justify my actions, right? Well how about a different answer? I've been in a very reflective state. All I want to do is curl up with a book and read (and I haven't plenty still begging to be read!). Or, curl up on the couch and watch TV. Or just be still. This is a weird place for me. I'm not use to it. I like action. I like being with people. But lately, I've needed the atmosphere of home, the comfort of my bed or couch and the dream-induction-state that only a book or movie can produce. Nothing is wrong, I promise. I've just needed ample "me" time.

But...I'm back! Soaking up the last of Summer's warm rays and not quite ready to stop my indulgence of "me" time...but I'm back. For sure. I've missed you, blog. I've missed you, Readers. I have a lot to blog about, too! So be prepared. In the meantime, I want to know: What do you do for "me" time?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Art of Simplicity.

I am learning the art of simplicity. It is not easy to learn. I crave the finer things in life. I get excited at certain name brands (Anthropologie, among them, of course). I love the complicated taste of fine dining. Given a choice, I'd spend my time rummaging through the shows at the Fox Theatre or exploring various cities in Europe.

But I am learning the art of simplicity.

The art of being at home. By myself. The art of enjoying a fine dinner made by my own hands and that save me many dollars. I am enjoying the items I have. Now. I am enjoying the silliness of reality tv...because it is easier to get to. And, I can watch it in my PJ's. I'm cherishing the nooks and crannies of my current city.

I'm learning the art of simplicity. The art that explores and proves that demonstrating love to someone isn't complicated. Yet, how often do I complicated in my mind? Often.

Instead, I'm doing the little things. Like insisting that Publix Sweet Tea is a mandatory grocery item. Because it matters to him. That curling up on the couch and being together is far better than not. This is something I have not perfected, but am working on.

I am learning the art of simplicity. The power of forgiveness. The power of not holding a record of wrong. The power of trust. Simple things that create a recipe of love and a heart of contentment.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This weekend.

If you should happen upon me this weekend, you will find me devouring many books. I have immensely enjoyed the following books:

The Diary : which was as enchanting as it was beautifully written. I enjoyed every moment, every sentence, every page of this book. I was sad when I had finished it.

One Sunday Morning: Riveting. Spellbound. An incredible read on how gossip can influence, condemn and change perception. Quickly. I will be reading more from this author.

I will enjoy time with the man I love. I will dust off the domestic-side of my being as I scurry around this house.

Labor Day Weekend. There is no better way to wish summer into its slumber. What are your plans for this weekend?