Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Talk About Love

It is definitely one of my top-ten favorite subjects. Love. I want to hear people gush over their love stories. I want to hear every single detail. EVERY ONE. I still squeal when people tell me they found someone. It is a beautiful thing. Love, that is. Recently, I've been looking at the various angles of love. It has been intriguing to look at.

My friend Lisa. I love her look on love. Her love vantage point starts as a military wife whose husband is deployed. Her viewpoint zooms into her two loves, her children, as she waits for the love of her life to come safely back into her arms. Lisa looks at love with joy, with longing, with anticipation.

My brother Caleb. He met Hannah 4 years ago at a summer camp. We all thought it was a fling. But it wasn't. Their love survived long-distance, family drama and now, their young marriage is learning the cost of sacrifice, the importance of those moments together. Caleb looks at love through the eyes of providing for his wife, for holding fast to dreams, for cherishing time together and the strength to endure.

My sister Lydia. How I love her. She didn't think she was lovable. The pursuit she had experienced in the past was ill-fated, ugly and far from anything she dreamed of. That has changed. And how great it is to look at her, to hear her voice, happy. That a good man has noticed her, cares about her.

My friend Joanna. She sees love as an overflowing waterfall of contentment. I admire that. She pours herself into 8 year old girls who need encouragement, teenagers who are floundering through high school, she embraces life with zeal. Maybe it isn't "love" like she longs for - a man. But it definitely is love that puts other before herself.

My friend Coda. Coda loves people. Coda loves music. I love Coda's heart. She is passionate. Passionate about showing people love that just wraps them up in a bear hug and holds them tight. Passionate about showing people how music can restore one's soul to hope.

Where do you see love?

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