Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Football Season.

It is the beginning of Football Season. Well, actually, it was Sunday. But, ANYWAY...I find myself saying "Farewell, my love" to Ben, because life as I know it, as I have cherished it, is gone.GONE!

Its Football Season, after-all.

Which means, suddenly, I will be pulling out the best combination for how to dress up a Falcon T-shirt. (It is a struggle, I tell you!)

Which means, Football and I will start the tug-o-war for Ben. I get jealous because of the attention my husband gives that sport. JEALOUS.

Which means, I will be thanking the LORD ABOVE for DVR - it will save my sanity as we cut that 4 hour game into less agony for me 2 hours of efficient viewing.

Which means, that for the next 5 months (but who is counting?), if you need my husband, you can find him in front of the TV. Pacing. Talking. Rocking back and forth in suspense, agony, joy. However, if you need me, I will be right beside him, sending fiery darts to that stupid clock that stops every 5 seconds to review a game only making the process more miserable, in support.

Which, lastly means, I will be making lots of fun football treats. Why not?

Cupcakes in an ice cream cone anyone?

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