Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Art of Simplicity.

I am learning the art of simplicity. It is not easy to learn. I crave the finer things in life. I get excited at certain name brands (Anthropologie, among them, of course). I love the complicated taste of fine dining. Given a choice, I'd spend my time rummaging through the shows at the Fox Theatre or exploring various cities in Europe.

But I am learning the art of simplicity.

The art of being at home. By myself. The art of enjoying a fine dinner made by my own hands and that save me many dollars. I am enjoying the items I have. Now. I am enjoying the silliness of reality tv...because it is easier to get to. And, I can watch it in my PJ's. I'm cherishing the nooks and crannies of my current city.

I'm learning the art of simplicity. The art that explores and proves that demonstrating love to someone isn't complicated. Yet, how often do I complicated in my mind? Often.

Instead, I'm doing the little things. Like insisting that Publix Sweet Tea is a mandatory grocery item. Because it matters to him. That curling up on the couch and being together is far better than not. This is something I have not perfected, but am working on.

I am learning the art of simplicity. The power of forgiveness. The power of not holding a record of wrong. The power of trust. Simple things that create a recipe of love and a heart of contentment.

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