Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Introducing: Milo.

It was Saturday. And, the woman looked at me across the cluttered table. "You saved his life, you know." She said it nonchalantly, as if I save lives everyday. "He was found on the side of the road, " she paused. "And, he has been here for several months, we couldn't keep him much longer." Tears welled up in my eyes. I've never saved a life before.

Ben and I have been talking for several months about getting a dog. We've gone back and forth on the pros and cons. But last week, we decided it was time. Ben's schedule requires him to be gone a lot of evenings leaving me by myself. I needed a companion. So, we went to a pet event in our local town. We got up early Saturday morning to scope out our dog, our pet. We wandered around; questioned ourselves as to why we wore flip flops when we noticed our grass-caked feet thanks to the early morning dew. We passed the cages of dogs, all different sizes, breeds and ages. Then we stopped. Staring at us was a  little black dog who just sat there. He wasn't barking like the rest of his peers, or attacking his cage desperate to get our attention. No, he just sat there.

So, we brought him home. And, according to the lady at the Animal Shelter booth, we saved his life.

After much discussion of names - Ben wanted to name him after a Falcons' Football Player, we chose Milo.

Milo has proven to be quite the little cuddlier. He wants nothing better to do than curl up on the couch right beside me, or in my lap, or where-ever. He just wants to be with me. All the time. If I move, he is at my heels. Its almost as if he is afraid I'll leave him. He clearly loves me the most. But, don't think for one moment, he doesn't love Ben! On Ben's short runs, he takes Milo. Milo comes back so tired he can barely keep his eyes open. But he loves it, they run together.

It has definitely been a lot of fun having Milo. Definitely expect stories of him to pop up every now and again!


  1. He looks like a sweetie! So happy for yall! Pets are awesome :) We love having ours.

  2. I think if you are ready for a pet, you might as well be ready for a baby. I think it's time to start praying. ;)

  3. Sounds like Lydia should get married and have some babies of her own. ;)


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