Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Things I Can't Live Without

Today, we celebrate 9 months of marriage. Incredible. I thought I'd do a different twist on 5 Things I Can't Live Without...all surrounding Ben.

1. His OCD-ness. Thank GOD that I married a man who is OCD. He cleans house, does laundry, kills bugs and takes out the trash. I'm super lucky!

2. He cares. About my drama. My family. The many reasons I fly into the depths of despair. My job. He cringes when I'm freezing and I don't have my sweater.  My friends. He care a lot about me.

3. He dances. And, he is good. 

4. He makes fun of people. In the best way possible, of course. His brother calls it "Ben jokes". And, I love them. 

5. His ability to plan the best dates ever. Seriously. My husband plans the best dates EVER.

I love him.

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