Thursday, March 31, 2011

For the Love of Milo and Miko...

I want to show Milo and Miko JUST how much I love them. So, what better way (in my eyes) than to have a Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait made of my two lovable pups? While I'm sure that they would much better prefer treats and toys and other dog-obsessions, I'm thinking this will better match the decor of my home. 

Mothball Charlie

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby A - Week 9

This week, I have a lot to discuss. Oh my, I hope you are ready!

My Baby's Daddy: Ben has been incredible. I mean, he is always wonderful, but he has taken his wonderfulness to a whole new level. This week alone he has - cleaned the house, washed dishes, cleaned up dog poop, did all the laundry, arranged for our move (details to come soon!), cleaned up more poop, and has put up with my exhaustion, panic, and more. He has been splendid.

Maternity Clothes: I'll admit it. I'm not liking what I've seen so far. So, it is distressing for me to realize that mass maternity clothing arena is trying to force the whole "mom-look" on me. I'm not buying it. At all. Literally and figuratively. Needless to say, when Cindy takes me shopping...I hope she is prepared for the bundle of emotions called her grandchild's mom.

The absence of my Mom: I could write an entire blog about this, but I'm not. Let it suffice to say that I miss my Mom's insight like crazy, but that my dad has been wonderful in answering all my genetic questions and a great group of friends (Jamie, Lisa, in particular) have been wonderful support in making me feel more normal.

I get paranoid. In the middle of my excitement, my processing, my planning, I get paranoid. I get paranoid of what I'm eating - will I birth a "15 pound baby" due to my diet? (That is not a comforting thought). I get paranoid about a lot of things. But, I'm learning to take things one day at a time. And, that is difficult for me. The daily, YES DAILY, change of my body and smells and cravings and more leave me stressed out. But, I'm learning to relax.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and just all around incredible comments! My energy is lacking - hence the silence, but I miss you all a lot, readers, so I'm trying to make a come-back. Plus, we have a ton to discuss too! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby A - PS!

As a follow-up to yesterday's blog, I TOTALLY forgot to mention a couple of things. Within 48 hours of finding out we were expecting, one of my friends said to me - "You are a planner. And, you just haven't had time to do some blog-stalking of baby things and mommy stuff." Then, of course, proceeded to tell me about a great blog.
Truer words were never spoken. And, that my friends, is the mark of a true friend, right there!

Here are a couple of blogs I enjoy tremendously. They are all written by Moms, but they show a lot of grace, patience and the reality of raising children.

Little Band of Brothers

Mrs. Priss

Warky Mom 

I also have been really into this INCREDIBLE website -  On To Baby  ....sooooo many fabulous nursery ideas, maternity session ideas and more.

On of the things I've been researching is Maternity Sessions. I KNOW I want to have a photography session showin' off my big, glamorous preggo belly. But I also know I want something unique...hence the research. I haven't found or figured out EXACTLY what I want, but I'm getting closer and closer! Especially with photographers out there like Ashley Bee.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby A - Week 8

This week, Ben and I had the pleasure of hearing Baby A's heartbeat. I think up to that point, I really didn't think I was pregnant for real. But the moment we heard the heartbeat....Ben and I both realized: this is for real. We are going to be parents.

Food Cravings have gotten interesting, lately. Someone asked me if I was "craving Chinese food at 3am?" Well, nooooo.....but that doesn't mean I'm NOT craving weird foods.

Doughnuts - I hate them. But 2 weeks ago, I ate an entire box. It was sickening. Plus, I still hate them.
Salads and French Fries - Love this combo. In fact, I need them NOW.
Nachos - Yummy.
Spaghetti at 10pm - Why not?
Broccoli with pizza - That make the pizza healthy, right?
Blue icing in Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Milo and Miko: Our little dogs don't have a clue what is going on. Although, I have noticed Milo is getting a bit more clingy than usual. They are noticing that I have pushed them off the bed in the middle of the night, flipped out (also in the middle of the night) when they touch me or brush my stomach. The poor dogs.

In other news: My clothes are getting tighter. My nausea has left. I'm forgetting things. I had my first baby dream. My body aches. My energy is gone. My desire to sleep has increased dramatically. My lack of sleep has been over-powering. (And, I'm already begging for a body pillow.) I wake up at 2-3am from vivid weird (sometimes terrifying) dreams.

And, to top it off - I will be 6 months pregnant in my sister's wedding. If you thought measuring for a bridesmaid dress was terrifying enough...imagine measuring for one NOW for when you are 6 months. OMG.

All in all, I'm beginning to fall in love with this little squirmy child in my tummy. November needs to hurry up and get here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creeper: Some Blog Lovin' (part 2)

Well, it is another additional where I reveal who my biggest creepers are! Since we last played this fun game, my known readers have grown to 35 AND I've had several lurkers reveal themselves.

Where you are coming from:
Twitter  and Facebook! I LOVE THIS. I am addicted to both, so this is a wonderful thing!

Baby A generated OVER 10 comments. Way to make Baby A feel so loved. And, have me wondering if this preggo thing should have happened sooner...FOR THE SAKE OF MY BLOG! (I am joking, of course)

My other countries are expanding, let's welcome:
Ireland (Happy St. Patty's Day!)
Japan (still praying for you all)
And, of course, the grand USA

Fan Mail: I recently got the BEST letter ever. It made my entire day. Read below.
"You may or may not remember me from college but your blog shows up on my [facebook] news feed every once in a while and I love reading it! I have a thing for blogs the past year or so I like to read lots of them when I have time haha. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Wishing you the best"

That was heartwarming and heart-melting.  So, lurkers, it is time for you to reveal yourself again! Keep on reading, faithful readers, YOU GUYS MAKE MY HEART SO HAPPY!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am SOOOOOO pleased to announce that Emily won on the Bachelor. I was absolutely THRILLED for more than one reason. Beyond the fact that I thought she was the PERFECT and ideal candidate for Brad...and she was so cute and genuine...I had given Reality TV an ultimatum. My dilemma with Reality TV has been that NO ONE I like and so strongly support wins. It drives me insane. Let's review:

Bachelor: Jake and Vienna. Need I say more? I was so upset when Vienna won. WHY?!?!
Michael from the Biggest Loser. Um, WHY DID HE NOT WIN?
Bachelorette: Ali did not select Chris. Argh.

So, basically, this was the last straw. Really. I was going to select new shows if Emily did not win. But luckily. Emily won. I'm satisfied. Life is good. :)

Speaking of favorites....are there subjects I write about that you enjoy reading about more than others? I don't want YOU to give me an ultimatum! (haha) Keeping in mind, Ben and Baby A will continue to be popular subjects for me, but I do want to make sure I'm writing things YOU are interested in. Speak to me. Tell me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby A - Week 7

This week, Baby A, Ben and I encounter some very interesting things.

One of Baby A's aunts went shopping. This was the perfect beginning of Baby A's intro to the world.

We determined the exact colors of Baby A's room all inspired by a BOOKMARK(special thanks to my bestie Stephanie):

We committed to purchasing Baby A's FIRST piece of furniture. I know, I know. 7 weeks into it and I've bought furniture. But, anyone who knows me KNOWS I'm a planner. Yep, and just like the moment I met Ben, I knew this dresser was the "one".

And, because I believe education is KEY. I bought this wonderful book recommended by my Doctor. In one week, it has been an incredible resource.
Of course, I have to give Ben credit. He has been wonderful...gently reminding me that I'm using my "preggo brain", dealing with my moments of freak out, and bringing me all the variety of food I could want to keep the nausea down. He is a good man.

That's all...'til next week!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Incredible Photography

One of my favorite photographers is a girl I went to college with, Kate Gazaway. I love Kate's style, but I also love how much heart and soul each photograph has. In particular, Kate has been given incredible opportunities to travel the world and use her photography as an incredible resource to bring light to people whose stories will move your heart while breaking it at the same time.

I followed Kate on Twitter during her most recent adventure to Nicaragua. What was so incredible to me was that Kate spent her time teaching youth - with a wide age range - photography. I am eager to see the results. But, you can follow Picture Nicaragua on Facebook and also follow Kate's blog:

What inspires you?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alllll About Baby

I should have seen it coming. Looking back, there were signs. But, it never occurred to me. Signs such as:
- On Sunday, I ate nachos. Made with BBQ pringles, cheese and salsa. It was wonderful. But, really, WHO DOES THAT?
- On Sunday, I cried over the Top Chef. Top Chef? Really? Tears?
- On Sunday, Ben asked me when I was suppose to have started my period. I didn't know. His calculation revealed I was 7 days late and I hadn't even noticed.

Those were the signs.

On Monday, I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. At 7:10am, I woke Ben up in a panic. "You have GOT to wake up." Monday was a daze.

On Tuesday, wee went to the doctor. And, when the doctor looked at Ben and said, "Congratulations, Dad." I looked at her and said, "How far along am I?" When she said 6 weeks, due the first of November. I was too shocked for words. I am 6 weeks pregnant and I didn't even know.

Funny things have taken place in the last 72 hours:
- The doctor tells us November 3rd and Ben begins to quote the movie V for Vendatta. "Remember, Remember the Fifth of November".
- The doctor asked me which hospital I planned on using. My response, "You just told me I was pregnant. I have no idea." 
- My friend, Josh, tells me to "Shut Up." That was SUCH a Josh response and I loved it.
- My mother-in-law Cindy suggested it might just be twins.
- The non-stop starvation. OMG. 

There will be owls. And, lots of them:

Owl Hats

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeling Famous.

In college, I participated in Students of AMF. While I wish my Mom was still here, the support of AMF was invaluable. Which is why I am so excited and honored to announce their new website:

And, my story is on the front page.  I am so excited about this because I truly hope it will encourage others and empower people, particularly college students, to reach out for help for their grief.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sing To Me

Ben and I are planning and talking about concerts we would like to attend. Much to my surprise, my list has become quite large.

  1. Owl City
  2. Florence And the Machine
  3. Kellie Pickler
  4. Lady Antebellum 
  5. Hanson
  6. Justin Bieber
  7. Rosie Thomas
  8. Ingrid Michaelson
 That is my list. For now. Who do you want to see?  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011