Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby A - Week 7

This week, Baby A, Ben and I encounter some very interesting things.

One of Baby A's aunts went shopping. This was the perfect beginning of Baby A's intro to the world.

We determined the exact colors of Baby A's room all inspired by a BOOKMARK(special thanks to my bestie Stephanie):

We committed to purchasing Baby A's FIRST piece of furniture. I know, I know. 7 weeks into it and I've bought furniture. But, anyone who knows me KNOWS I'm a planner. Yep, and just like the moment I met Ben, I knew this dresser was the "one".

And, because I believe education is KEY. I bought this wonderful book recommended by my Doctor. In one week, it has been an incredible resource.
Of course, I have to give Ben credit. He has been wonderful...gently reminding me that I'm using my "preggo brain", dealing with my moments of freak out, and bringing me all the variety of food I could want to keep the nausea down. He is a good man.

That's all...'til next week!

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  1. I LOVE the dresser! Where did you find it?


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