Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creeper: Some Blog Lovin' (part 2)

Well, it is another additional where I reveal who my biggest creepers are! Since we last played this fun game, my known readers have grown to 35 AND I've had several lurkers reveal themselves.

Where you are coming from:
Twitter  and Facebook! I LOVE THIS. I am addicted to both, so this is a wonderful thing!

Baby A generated OVER 10 comments. Way to make Baby A feel so loved. And, have me wondering if this preggo thing should have happened sooner...FOR THE SAKE OF MY BLOG! (I am joking, of course)

My other countries are expanding, let's welcome:
Ireland (Happy St. Patty's Day!)
Japan (still praying for you all)
And, of course, the grand USA

Fan Mail: I recently got the BEST letter ever. It made my entire day. Read below.
"You may or may not remember me from college but your blog shows up on my [facebook] news feed every once in a while and I love reading it! I have a thing for blogs the past year or so I like to read lots of them when I have time haha. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Wishing you the best"

That was heartwarming and heart-melting.  So, lurkers, it is time for you to reveal yourself again! Keep on reading, faithful readers, YOU GUYS MAKE MY HEART SO HAPPY!


I (heart) comments! Thank you for making my day!