Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How One Friend's Journey Inspired Me.

I don't think I am naturally positive. I mean, I prefer a good tragedy over a comedy, and would rather make people cry than laugh. I'm not like my dad who says he is so positive even his blood is B positive.

That isn't me.

But several months ago, I began to notice a change in a friend's facebook statuses. That change went from random statuses just like everyone else on anyone's friend's list...to statuses of thankfulness. She called it the journey towards a changed perspective. Just like a regular creeper, I found myself going to her facebook page each day just to see if she had updated her status and what she was thankful for that day. It felt awkward, I'll admit. We lost touch years ago, so I even got paranoid she would "defriend" me and THEN I WOULD MISS OUT ON HER STATUSES. (She didn't.) What intrigued me was her statuses boasted of nothing glamorous. They were refreshing normal and honest, but always thankful. Always - even down to unfolded laundry and stressful days at work which were reported IN THANKFULNESS. Eventually, the creepiness of my consistent following turned into curiosity. Could I do it? Could I write a status of thankfulness, too? It seemed both incredibly easy and overwhelming. And, should I ask my friend for permission to copy her idea?

Then, I realized I'd never do it if I didn't stop over-analyzing. So I did it. And, I didn't even ask her permission. Then, I did it again. And again.

Only to realize that a status of thankfulness is refreshing...for me. It reminds me how good and full and abundant my life is. How blessed I am. How content I am. And, how happy I am....(which suddenly makes me think I am becoming more like my dad each day.)


  1. Honey, you're not copying me - it wasn't even my idea! I started reading Ann Voskamp's poetic blog (the author of the book "1000 Gifts"), and then started reading her book. She started looking for a changed perspective and made it a goal to count to 1000 daily, precious, simple, perfect gifts from the Father. The book is about her journey and the blog continues ... she's now around 2800 and still counting. The credit goes to her and her blog is an amazing encouragement (I love David Neuve's music in the background too. Sometimes I pull up the blog and just let the music play in the background of my day). www.aholyexperience.com

  2. I am so thankful for a chip off the old block! Look for the blessings!


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