Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 34

This week, for whatever reason, it hit me. I'm approximately 6 weeks from meeting our baby. Several people have asked if I am scared of delivery, no, I'm not. But, it definitely seems surreal that Ben and I are about to become parents. These last few weeks of just Ben and I are ones I am cherishing. As life will change (for the best, of course), I am spending a lot of time praying and hoping we don't lose the "us" factor of our family.

This week brought:

- possible candidates job-shadowing to fill in for me at my job. That seemed so weird, but also crazy because I'm SO CLOSE and I will spend these final weeks before Madden gets here training this individual.

- Gagging on my own stomach acid. Is that nasty or what to think about? But it happened and it scared Ben as much as it scared me. I've made adjustments with my sleeping arrangements to avoid that happening again. So far, so good.

- Feeling like my hips creak back into place when I moved. Oh made walking a whole new experience as I waddle to get things adjusted.

- Ben watching me jump into to action (as he calls it). This nesting thing has made me feel a sense of urgency to get EVERYTHING finished. The nursery is becoming more and more organized and I am wrapping up those last minute projects that are STILL hanging over my head.

- We had our maternity pictures taken. It was so much fun and I am so eager to see how they turned out. Now,  I can officially start thinking about the newborn pictures.

- Realizing how much Madden loves music. It is so fascinating to feel him wiggle when there is music playing.

- I'm ready. I'm ready to hold our baby and looking forward to embracing the opportunity, responsibility and privilege given to Ben and I to raise our little one.

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  1. If Madden ever gets to the point where he wants music lessons, look no further! He has an uncle who can play everything! :)


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