Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 35

Week 35 came with 2 doctor's appointments; where I found out I am progressing normally. This week also brought other things as well:

- I returned to my college to celebrate homecoming and visit with friends. It was so much fun; but I was acutely aware of how being with friends from college may make me FEEL like a college girl again, but at 9-months pregnant I have to keep in mind how much is too much and know when to stop.

- Sleepless nights continue...making Sunday afternoon naps wonderful.

- Hospital bag ready.

- My pre-baby to-do list continues to shrink. It is ESPECIALLY nice to have thank you notes done! woohoo!

- After the last 7 months of doing MORE than his fair share of the housework, Ben is enjoying the fruits of my nesting.

- My dad orders the "come-home-from-the-hospital-outfit". I know it is a baseball uniform which is significant since ALL my brothers wore a baseball uniform when my parents brought them home.

- For the past couple of weeks, I would think "6 1/2 weeks" left. Now, I'm just rounding down. Which means, this weekend, I've been telling EVERYONE I only have 4 more weeks. Which is true, but is probably a little ahead of myself too.

- I waited my entire pregnancy for the insensitive comments of people...and they came, right at the end. It has been extremely unbelievable the comments I have received and how they have left me feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable.

- Praying this baby comes the week my sister is here. I really want her there.

- Realizing how good life is.

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  1. i love the baseball uniform tradition. so cute.


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