Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 36

If you ask me how much longer I have this week, I will tell you 3.5 weeks. It feels so close, but then so far away too. Sometimes, I even wonder if this pregnancy is real, then the baby kicks and moves around or I get up to use the restroom (for the 1000th time) and I am reminded this is real...the days just seem long right now.

For this week, we have a lot to highlight:

- Ben makes me laugh by:
  • When I have Braxton Hicks Contractions: He asks me if now is when I'm going to "birth that baby?"
  • He practices his reaction for when my water breaks. Hysterically funny. 
  • Telling me he is ready for this pregnancy deal to be over. (I think we both are!)
- After months and months of gathering various pieces of art for the nursery, the frames are here and the art is going up this weekend! 

- Praying and hoping that Madden doesn't come until my sister arrives. But, he can definitely arrive the 1st day she is here! :)

- Woke up from a dream where it was my firstborn's birthday and I forgot.

- Watching the quilt for the nursery come together. It really is looking AWESOME...and it isn't even finished yet!

- Trying not to forget to buy about 5 packets of Polaroid film for my Polaroid camera for when the baby gets here.

- Swollen feet. And hands. And face. Looking forward to the day where walking isn't uncomfortable and my fingers look normal again and my face isn't puffy.

- Cherishing these last few weeks of Ben and I. I know I've mentioned this before, but as this pregnancy comes to an end, I am reminded by how much our lives will change (for the best, of course!). Yet with the goodness about to be bestowed on us, I am not forgetting or ignoring the goodness these last 2 years of JUST Ben and I have been.

- Craving pancakes. Someone please place a pancake shop right outside my house with endless flavors of pancakes. I can't get enough.

- Determined to cherish every moment with Madden. To enjoy those messy diapers, and spit up stains and sleepless nights because life is short and we only get this time with our baby once. Planning to hold our little one a lot because life is short and we only get this with our baby once. To not hurry his progress...he will walk eventually, throw a ball, play with his friends and eat solid food...all in due time. But to enjoy each moment. All because we only get this time with our baby once.

- Praying for grace to raise our son.

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  1. The last 2 points are beautifully said. Love you!!


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