Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I think Ben is the particular, the BEST at gifts and surprises and all around, making my life lovely. He definitely keeps getting better and better. No doubt about it. You also know - if you follow my blog - I'm kinda a go-big-or-go-home type of girl. I want the extravagant celebration, the incredible surprise, and the drain-your-wallet experience. No doubt about it.

Our anniversary is in December. December. In the midst of holidays, parties, friends, families, traditions, shopping, etc...we have to squeeze in "Don't-forget-to-celebrate-our-anniversary". That is exhausting. So, for our first anniversary, we split it up. We did part 1 (Nutcracker Ballet)...and this past weekend, we mixed in part 2 with Valentine's Day. Part 2 met my expectations, and definitely showed that once again, my man has got some SERIOUS skillz.

Part 2 = BAHAMAS.
We went on a cruise. Just Ben and I. For 3 days. It was fast, but it was needed. We had zero cell phone service (which I love!). A lot of time to talk. A lot of time to sleep. And, our personal favorite, (but you didn't hear it from me) a lot of time to people watch and people mock. It was glorious.
I was the ultimate tourist - I brought two cameras with me. Ben was the ultimate planner - we did a lot of fun things (Bahamas beach, fun restaurants, a little bit of time spent in the casino, hot tub, karaoke, trivia, bingo, fun shows, and good food). We had fun. It was relaxing. We laughed. We reconnected. We enjoyed no responsibilities.

Here are some pictures of our fun times:

(first set of pictures taken with my awesome Polariod Camera - another great gift from Ben!)

The sign that welcomed us.
A window-side view of our surroundings.

My attempt to play a slot machine. (Should brought a book! ha!)

Ben at the casino - he was actually really good. Who knew?!?
Our Cruise Countdown.

The Housewives of Nassau table. They were among our favorites to people-watch.

Old-school myspace mirror/formal picture.

The beautiful beach

The other couples we had dinner with each night - they were so much fun!

Our taxi ride to the beach.

The beach, the clear water - it was incredible.
The food was incredible. But, this is the only picture to show for it.
The end.

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  1. I love love loved the cruise we went on for our Honeymoon. Best vacation ever. We want to go on one again when we go back to the States for a visit! Glad you had fun!!


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