Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm a simple girl...with expensive tastes.

It was my dear ole' dad (his tagline, not mine) who pointed it out to me and warned Ben:

"She has champagne taste on a beer budget."


"She has filet Mignon taste on a hamburger budget."

Either way, I think you get the picture. I like fine, expensive things, food, experiences. I can't help it. My dad says I get it from my mother.

And, that is not a bad thing.

Fortunately, for me, I married a man who puts up with my love of all things finer and harder on the wallet.

Fortunately for his wallet, we live in a RV.

This weekend, marks a milestone in my life. Yes, I did say LIFE. This is my first time EVER celebrating Valentine's Day. I never dated prior Ben and in our whirlwind of dating, we never celebrated Valentine's Day before we got married. So, this Valentine's Day, I celebrate as a wife.

A deprived-Valentine's Day wife with high expectations for her husband.

No, pressure, Ben, no pressure.

It's caused a lot of anxiety for me. And a lot of pressure placed on Ben.

Fortunately for Ben: he knows his woman very well. Very, very well.

On Friday, as the snow fluttered down, and I was reviewing homework, Ben came and whisked away me from work early. Handing me roses and instructions to pack ("Pack, what?!?!").

My first-ever Valentine's Day weekend adventure began.

He kept me in wonder from the moment we hit the highway, arrived at the hotel, prepared for dinner, walked to dinner IN THE SNOW, and arrived at the most perfect, most incredible, most expensive dinner of my life.

Hello, Sun Dial: you've ruined my palette for food. For ever. We wined (on water) and dined for hours to a 3 course meal as we viewed the city with fog hovering over it and the city's lights twinkling through the elements.

It was perfection.

Ben's wallet is less full. My "champagne/Filet Mignon" taste reeled in this wonderful moment.

The weekend is not over, but my Valentine's Day weekend has already been perfect.


  1. Aww. Ben sure is making sure he is the runner up in our "Best In-Law of the Year Award". Go Ben!

  2. Expensive tastes are a good thing, if you can afford them.


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