Monday, February 8, 2010

Water in the RV

There are moments when I forget I'm living in an RV. I'm sure that statement seems silly to you, but I've established this place as my little there are those moments of forgetfulness.
Until 3am.
Allow me to explain.
In order to use the water, you have to turn on the pump. I'm sure you were all imagining this:

(Nah...I'm a lil' more high-tech than that!)

(Do you see the red light? That is the switch for the pump)

It seems simple enough, until you have to use it ALL THE TIME. Want to wash dishes? Turn on the pump. Need to wet a rag because you spilt milk? Turn on the pump. Shower (after the gym)? Turn on the pump. See? It gets a little complicated. For the most part, I feel I have adjusted rather well. Little turn of the switch and -PRESTO! - I've got water.

The only time it becomes an issue is at 3am. You know, the 3am potty run? It is hard enough to have your bladder wake you up in the middle of the night, stumble out of bed, use the restroom..AND THEN have to remember: Did I turn on the pump?!

Inevitably, it is at 3am that I remember I live in a RV. And, that just like those pioneer women of old, I have to use a pump to go to the restroom.

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  1. Those "pioneer women of old" used an outhouse. They had to trek outside, in the dark and cold, to a dirt floored hole in the ground (let's not forget the stink!). Be thankful you have an inside pump with an electrical switch. ;)


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