Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reality TV, how I love thee.

I have a confession. I love The Bachelor. A lot. I'm completely HOOKED. (Don't even get me started on Vienna!) Ever week, you can guarantee I will be curled up in front of a screen maintaining my own running commentary of those girls, their tears, guessing Jake's true interest and always questioning his decisions. Oh, yes I do. Its exhausting, but I MUST join the rest of America on providing Jake with my $0.02 cents. Oh, yes I will.

I also really love The Biggest Loser. I love Jillian with her sassy temper. And, I have favorites. Oh, yes I do. I yell at the Red Team winning... AGAIN?!?! I will always note Allison's wardrobe, and I will most definitely push myself a lot harder the next morning at the gym. Oh, yes I will.

I find myself scheduling things around both shows. Sad, I know. But nothing comes in between me, Jake and Tenley, and the Gray Team.

I love those shows for more reasons than the drama they provide; and, Internet, if you have been watching either show you KNOW about the drama! Haha. I love how those shows bring Ben and I together. They are just another way for us to spend time together. For us to have fun.

Every week, Ben joins me as we sit glued to the screen. He rubs my feet (a MUST). And, together, we maintain our own commentary of Jake and his multiple girlfriends and Jake's intentions. And, together, we debate over which Biggest Loser Trainer we like the best and who will win this week's challenge. And, together, we push ourselves harder at the gym the next day. Oh, yes we do.

Come Monday and Tuesday, we anticipate those shows. Then we lament over how in the WORLD we will survive until next week. Oh, yes we do.


  1. Ha! The gray team is the favorite here too. And I hate the red team. I pray every week watching BL that they will be voted off. Yes, I know it's not live, but I BELIEVE in the power of prayer baby!
    And Tenley had better win the *last* rose. Or that boy is just plain ol' stupid! All the other girls are nimrods (I think that is my current favorite word). :) Love ya!

  2. I DESPISE the red team, too! I, too, have serious reality t.v. issues. One day I shall fess up as to why I had to cut it all out except for TBL. Not a very flattering story...

    @Lydia~Don't tell Ed you're praying for the red team to get voted off. He lectured me about doing that. :0)


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