Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is How We Clean

Ben is OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). He is always scurrying around the RV cleaning.

This is not something I dislike in him, I'm all like, PRAISE THE LORD! MY MAN LOVES ALL THINGS CLEANERS AND SPONGES AND MOPS GALORE!
(if I were to be honest, I love it because it means I don't have to do it...But, Internet, you didn't hear that from me, so...shush!)
The other day, Ben decided to a good thorough house-clean. Like a good wife, I decided to join him. 15 minutes later, we were finished. We had folded laundry, washed dishes, vacuumed, cleaned out the refrigerator, cleaned the bathroom, mopped...we did every single ONE of our household chores. Did I mention in 15 minutes?

Once those minutes rapidly concluded our cleaning extravaganza, I realized: I'm going to miss the day we don't live in the RV. I mean, where else can you do THAT much work in 15 minutes? Standing right in the middle of it, I got all nostalgic for the RV. We are NO where CLOSE to moving out of it, but I know there will come a day when it takes me (*cough* Ben) 15 minutes just to vacuum.
That moment of realization almost caused me to shed a tear for the love of the RV. Emphasis on the word - "almost". In the meantime, I am definitely okay if you are jealous. Emphasis on the words "definitely" and "jealous".

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  1. As I have just finished cleaning one house and am currently packing up another house, so that I can move into the "clean house", which is also a "bigger house" (two bathrooms!), I am definitely jealous! Because when we move into "clean house" this weekend, it will no longer be clean. And I will still have to clean the not-as-clean-house that we are moving out of before I turn the keys in to the landlord. Then it will be the "clean house". Ugh. JEALOUS!


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