Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Artichokes Saved The Day

While Ben and I were dating/engaged, we knew we would have one particular huge hurdle to compromise on: food. Our taste bud differences are as opposite as day and night.

Ben: meat lover extraordinaire. Hates all things vegetables and lover of all things processed and packaged.

Bethany: vegetable lover (aka, let me set up my home in the produce aisle, please!). Not a huge meat fan and grew up with everything-made-from-scratch (translate: processed WHAT?).

Upon entering into marital bliss, we set out to the grocery store. I was nervous. Ben was excited. Amazingly, we managed to compromise, save money AND walk away with our own favorites. It seemed to be working - I had my spinach, tomatoes and favorite salsa; and he had his HotPockets, Fruitgushers and favorite cereal. Then enters the ARTICHOKE.

I've gone over with Ben (more times than I can count) the vegetables he WOULD eat. Amazingly, artichokes were on the list. So, I made him a salad of spinach, artichokes, bacon bits and cheese. He loved it. No, I don't think you understand, he L-O-V-E-D it. Last night, I served it again - he gushed on and on about the wonders of artichokes and why were they withheld from his childhood?

I stand amazed. Artichokes have merged one meat lover and one vegetable chick tastes buds into one. To this forgotten and often overlooked vegetable, I say: Thank you. Internet, if you know of any artichoke recipes - send them my way!


  1. Even Micah loves artichokes. I'm glad you guys have found common ground.
    As far as recipes or anything else I would head here:

  2. LOVE that this has been a success!!! Yay for the salad :)


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