Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Men, boys...and...me

Living in an RV is a daily adventure. I mean, it is never boring. But the most interesting twist to the entire story is that I'm the only female living on property. And, 90% of the time, I'm the only female working on property.

That provides interesting dynamics for sure. Recently, I've collected a couple of observations to make my point:

(disclaimer: Observations are made in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. In addition, I absolutely ADORE my job, and the views expressed are that of my own and are in no way connected to my place of employment or housing provider. thank-you.)

When we do fun things with the guys (Halloween parties, Super Bowl parties, etc), my idea of a fun night is slightly different. While Ben plans scary movies, pizza and nachos, I envision the cutest scary cupcakes. Or, while Ben plans nachos, wings and yelling at the TV as the quarterback make another incredible pass, I dream of fun football cake pops. Therein lies the dilemma. There have been so many times, the other staff members (including my husband) have had to remind me that the guys are teenage boys. They don't want to have a Decorate Cupcake Party. This is not kindergarten. It.Breaks.My.Heart.

The other challenge is bathrooms. (I know I've been talking about using the restroom a lot lately...) My office is in the middle of Christmas trees, but the bathroom is being remodeled and therefore unavailable. That isn't a problem for the males on property - they go hide over the hill to "mark their spot". Usually, I'll run to the RV, except last week. When I was in the back office for 1.5 hours as an interview took place in the front office. It didn't take long to realize: I had to go. There was no way out, and I wasn't about to interrupt an interview. So, I did what any person would do: I climbed out the window. I had interns and students wide-eyed, scared and amazed. But when you gotta go, you gotta go, ya know?

I could go on about being banned from the attic ("you could get hurt!"), or never being allowed to wash my coffee mug at the house (boys:"No, no, no, Bethany! Allow ME to wash your mug")...And, I could state my case like Rosie the Riveter, but really? Why would I do that?

The way I see it: as long as I'm being pampered and I can bake cupcakes, I'm not going to complain.


  1. I am the first reader! Well as a guy I am well familiar with marking my territory (Seriously don't get me started.) But climbing out a window? I honestly have never done that for relief purposes. I have done it to sneak out, but not to let out.

  2. There are two realities you need to take notice of: first, it doesn't matter how old they are, boys love food. You can make your cupcakes in cute football shapes or whatnot. They will happily eat them.
    Two, have a baby. Then you will have a toddler running around who will want to have a cupcake decorating party with you. Actually, you will decorate and the kid will just make a mess.

  3. Stick sausage in the cupcakes! It will be more manly.

  4. Sounds like you got a good thing going there, sista! Guys that will gladly suck down anything that you cook AND they wash the dishes after?! Sooner than later, you will remember THAT as bliss! =)

    BTW~~Trust me on this, Bethany, it is no more gratifying to make cute cupckaes for toddlers than for a bunch of teenage guys. Neither will notice or care about how cute they are. They both just care that they taste good!


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