Monday, February 15, 2010

Feelin' Like A Movie Star

I feel like a movie star. No, really, dawrlin', I do.

Two weekends ago, one of my friends and I romped around the woods like two tree-huggin' woodland fairies for a photo shoot. It was a LOT of fun. Then, Ben and I spent a good amount of time over this past weekend looking over our Wedding Pictures. I felt so much like a glamorous model - I will even sign your shoe if you want.

Speaking of movie stars, let me tell you what being with Ben has done to me. I L-O-V-E romantic comedies. I love those movie moments you sigh at, tear up at, laugh at - those moments, when you just get all green with envy when the boy swoops up the girl and gives her a real good smack-a-roo right on the lips. Those moments.

Yet, Ben has ruined me for the feel-good, love stories. Now, I can't buy into those precious moments on the screen. Mostly because when he looks at me, I think, This is a real movie moment...those movie stars have nothing on this man I love who loves me.

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  1. Isn't it perfectly breathtaking when you get to feel those romantic movie moments in real life!!!! Being married is truly the greatest things ever!!!!


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