Sunday, February 21, 2010

Operation Spruce Up

I gazed at the computer screen with wonder and awe. The image on the screen sparked inspiration for me.

 Several weeks ago, Ben and I - with much enthusaism - saw the RV as our little "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". We had great plans of removing or updating the RV installed GOLD lamps, updating all the hardware on the drawers, etc...Those dreams quickly faded. Reality set in for us. Fast. When you know a home is temporary, it makes you lose motivation of putting a little grunt work into remodeling.

Enter Apartment Therapy. I love this website. It showcases beautifully decorated homes all over the USA (except Atlanta!) that are APARTMENT size.

This past week, I stumbled across this little gem: The Janessen Family's Roving Abode. This is about a family that LIVES in an RV. I wanted to become their best friend. Right.Away.

I began to salivate over the green walls, and funky decorations littered across the kitchen. I kept thinking, THIS IS AN RV?!? I want to move in. Oh, wait. I DO live in a RV.

So, we have begun Project RV Spruce-Up. This is where I give Ben drill/paint/etc and I inspect the RV for any drabby areas that need a little encouragement.

First on the list: hang up all the frames and wall art that I've neglecting.

Second on the list: Return to RV inspection.

It will be a work-in-progress, for sure. But, dontcha have to start somewhere?

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