Monday, February 22, 2010

Bathroom Buddies

My mom had bathroom buddies. They were her children. We were always running in and out to ask her a dozen questions or just to find out where she was. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but we were her bathroom buddies.

I have bathroom buddies too. I'm the reader. You know, the person who flips through the magazine rack in the bathroom or sneaks the novel in while doing business. That's me.

Recently, I've given up that habit, because I had some uninvited, unwelcomed visitors show up. At first,  I didn't notice their yellow bodies. They stayed in the corners doing their thing. And, I stayed, uh, well, I did my thing.

But that changed. Those uninvited, unwelcomed visitors made their presence a little more well known. You may be trying to figure out which bug I'm ellusively speaking of. Give up. I'm not talking about a bug. I'm talking about the mop and the broom.

Yes, I know that most mops and brooms are kept in the laundry room or pantry or cleaning closet. But, you forget, I live in an RV. The mop and broom are large, awkward (but essential) cleaning utensils. And, the toilet-closet we have is (literally) the largest space for them to be stored.

So, everytime I'm, uh, doing my business, I feel the mop and broom heads staring at me from their place on the floor. Their long, sleek and yellowed necks are completely distracting. I don't feel comfortable toting my Real Simple Magazine with me when those two are staring at me. Instead of the olden days of hybernating while I, uh, do my business, I now RACE to get out of that closet AS.FAST.AS.POSSIBLE.

Perhaps, that was TMI (too much information). But. Doesn't everyone have bathroom buddies??

(Come on, admit it!)

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  1. LOL> love. My family was like this as well. Still is. It's awkward... but there's nothing like it. :)


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