Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Make Things

With the move behind and all the boxes and things unpacked and organized, my creative juices are once again buzzing about. I am currently working on this Yarn Wreath I saw several months ago and fell in love! Mine is still in the works, but I'll post a picture once it is all finished.

Another project I am looking forward to is creating a Mixed Media Art piece for the master bedroom. Anyone who has visited my home has been subject to my complaining over the lack of art and color in our bedroom. I have finally decided to try my hand out Mixed Media. I'll be honest, the entire concept is a little mind-boggling because I get stuck on the entire what "mixed medias" to use. I know I am using paint, newspaper, construction paper/ scrapbook paper, but beyond that - I DON'T KNOW. If any of  you have tackled a similar project, LET ME KNOW, PLEASE!

A couple of weeks ago, I decorated for a friend's baby shower. Her little boy is on the way and we did the theme of a little red wagon.

Thank you, Google Images.

It was a lot of fun trying to come up with decorations, but the trick is to decorate spending very little money. I think, including the flatware, dishes, tablecloths and decorations - I spent about $34. While I am sure I could have cut MORE corners, I love expensive things (remember, my dad told Ben, that I have "a champagne taste on a beer budget"?), so this was a major accomplishment.

Table Display. (The blocks say, "It's A Boy!")

Ben definitely gets ALL the credit for making each triangle. I didn't feel good the night before, so he did it for me. I love him.
I am excited for what I'll be making in the next couple of weeks (shower curtain, art piece, etc.). Have you made anything recently?


  1. I love the banner!!!!! And way to work on such a little budget.. that's incredible :)

  2. just stumbled on your blog, i think we went to tfc together.

    i recommend different textures for mixed media projects -- corrugated cardboard, burlap, linen, corduroy, buttons, ribbon, tag board, yarn. probably not all of those together, but distinct textures.

    that's all. :)


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