Monday, November 28, 2011

Dinner Ideas: WANTED

I have no inspiration for dinner. So I'm asking for help. Basically, I've gotten EXTREMELY bored with food and cooking, so we definitely have the same things over and over again. We need to incorporate more vegetables, but when I go to the produce department of the grocery store, I feel overwhelmed and I stare blankly at all the veggies available.

Here is what we are currently consuming:

Chicken with vegetables (green beans, broccoli, potatoes - in rotation)
A pasta dish with tomato sauce and green beans or broccoli

HELP ME. Just for the record - Ben hates onions, so I cook without them. Looking forward to seeing your ideas. :)


  1. I like this website!

  2. I love the website, Just A Pinch. Easy to follow recipes, simple ingredients. Give it a look. If you want a different take on chili, let me know and I'll send you my recipe for Taco Stew. My guys love my meat loaf, if that appeals to you.

  3. I frequently make meatloaf and sub half the beef for turkey (Ben will never know the difference- it tastes exactly the same, but it's healthier) Other great ideas

    - homemade veggie pizza
    -chicken and rice w/ a veggie on the side
    -chicken pot pie
    -veggie soup and grilled cheese
    -ham steaks w/ macaroni and cheese and baby carrots

    I also do all my grocery shopping at Aldi. I buy very few processed foods. A week's worth of groceries for 2 adults and a toddler run about $65 and it's mostly fresh fruits and veggies and fresh meat. ~Rachael

  4. Although this doesn't have vegetables.... I made this soup tonight for the second time (wow, i never repeat recipes!!):

    more ideas:

    stuffed peppers
    spaghetti squash for pasta
    fish covered in salsa with side veggies
    Asparagus broiled with parmesan cheese and olive oil
    sweet potato fries are a great substitution too
    homemade fajitas (just get the mccormick fajita seasoning packet and add veggies)

    i love experimenting with recipes... and often just look up recipes on or try pioneerwoman. so fun!


    both of these are two of our favorites that I have made over and over. <3

  6. Well, are you on pinterest? Because that is where I Get most of my ideas.I find that I'm totally not creative on my own but can copy others. haha. In EVERY department. It's sad. But really it's true. Also, I LOVE the I have been trying to healthier and this blog has some great and yummy healthy recipes :) Also...try a It's also pretty awesome!

  7. I just read this post. So, let me share with you what I have been using:

    I absolutely love it! Basically, they give you tons of different options on your family needs, stores you shop at etc. Every week, you get a meal plan, including a grocery list, based on local sale items. It's fabulous for planning on a budget, and I've tried several new twists on old or new recipes. Anywho, that's my plug, it's me out a ton, and it's cheap ($15 for 3 months) (use that link if you choose to go with it, I get points for referrals)


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