Thursday, December 22, 2011


You all know that I love to craft and I love lists. Right before Madden was born, I had this grand idea to do a photo book of his first year. Since his birth, I've been snapping pictures left and right. But then, I got overwhelmed. HOW DO I ORGANIZE ALL THESE PHOTOS?

Thankfully, Jasmine Star saved the day. She posted this great blog post and it helped my creative mind get a little more organized. In one afternoon, I organized over 75% of Madden's pictures (still have some to go!)...but wowsers! I feel so much better.

Just in case you are curious, I will be using Shutterfly's photo book option to create his first year.  The Folks at Young House Love have a great calendar idea I am contemplating using. Since we have a lot of family for Madden to learn, I also think this is a GREAT idea: The Book of Names and Faces.

Has anyone else done this? How do you organize your pictures? Do  you have a fun way to display them?

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  1. It took me a couple months to figure out the best way to organize the HUNDREDS of pictures I was/am taking!

    I love folders, so in "My Pictures" I created a "Hadassah" folder and within, I have one folder for each month of her life, with a sub-folder for edited photos. When I upload, I dump everything into the correct month's folder, edit my favorites right away and move them into the subfolder. From there it's easy to upload to our Shutterfly share site and then narrow my picks down to the absolute best for her "First Year" book. I've been working on her book as I upload pictures, so it will be done shortly after her first birthday. It also allows me to have the fun of working on it throughout the year, and keeps it from seeming so overwhelming! We're 2/3s of the way through her book and I'm so excited to finish it - I want to see it in person!

    Probably way more than you wanted to know (sorry!), but it took me a while to figure out what seemed easiest and most comfortable for me. At some point I need to go through and delete all the blurry/wonky pictures (which I should probably do when I upload, but don't). That, I dread.


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