Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dave Ramsey

A couple of weeks ago, my dad sent Ben and to the local Dave Ramsey event. We were excited. We knew that Dave would help us figure out how to better handle our money.

And, that he did.

Before we went, Ben and I had kept a spreadsheet of all of our expenses for two months. THAT was such an eye-opening experience! Especially, in the first month, when we spent $400 in eating out!

We had determined that whatever Dave Ramsey said, we would do. Which is what happened. We spent an afternoon gleaning from Dave Ramsey's wisdom. And, then we went home and began to implement his methods. We've been on the Dave Ramsey system for 2 weeks. Already, we are learning how to better communicate about money. We are saving money and we are becoming less stressed out.

It feels good. Thanks, Dad.


  1. You are welcome. Have you developed the gazelle intensity to knock out your debt as soon as possible? Have you estimated the date that you will be debt free? Should I get the VIP or the regular tickets for your siblings?

  2. We took all the Dave Ramsey courses online beginning in February. Since last February we have accomplished major things, at the year mark it will probably be around 30 or 40 thousand dollars worth of progress. It really can work!!!


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