Monday, October 18, 2010

Holiday-Handmade Decorations.

Can I be honest? I don't have a lot of money. As we travel on the Dave Ramsey road, I'm quickly learning it is a road less traveled. And, for good reason, too! It is challenging! In the end, I know it will be worth it, but today, today presents a different scenario.
I'm dreaming of Christmas. Mainly Christmas decorations. This will be my first time to decorate an entire house by myself. (of course, Ben will be helping, too...but you know) I'm so excited about this! Although, my plans for the glitz and glamor and lack of my holiday decor collection have all tumbled to one conclusion: I have no money.
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So, I'm doing what anyone would do. I'm declaring that this year, in my home, that the Holiday Decorating theme will be: Handmade Decor! The ideas are accumulating, but the goal is to keep my expenses at a minimum. (LORD, protect my wallet!) I'm up for the challenge, but I know I need to make a list of my needs so that I keep handmade (I.e., don't spend anything!!!!).
Here are my ideas, let me know if I should add or take away anything...or if you have some whimsical-fun ideas to put my home in the holiday spirit!
Ornaments: We need them, badly. So, I've got material and the ability to sew. I also know how to crochet. Here we go. Additional expense: Felt, ribbon. (Should be no more than $5)
Decor: I'm thinking: Paper-chain countdown (is there anything better? Really?), these cool trees, fun wreath; Additional Expenses: (depending on my stock) paper, foam cones, wreath, pins, felt (should be no more than $8-10).
Tree: We are hoping to get a live tree, but I would love to have smaller (artificial) one, too. That might be outside of my budget, but I can dream, RIGHT?!?!?!
What we already have: Nativity scene, snow globe (thank you, grandmom! (Ninny)), decorations from last year.
My money count for decorations falls between $13-15. I think that is reasonable. I'm excited to tackle this. Be on the look out for more ideas!!


  1. That looks like fun and very exciting! Good luck!

  2. Go to the dollar store and buy what you can there. It should be cheaper than any other store.

  3. Every year I see beautiful Christmas items but refuse to buy them at regular price. Save up your money and splurge right after Christmas. All the stores put their items on Clearance (usually at least 75% off). Nate always laughs at me, but the day after Christmas I am in Target buying wrapping paper, cards, and decorations for the next year. I have saved so much money over the years doing this with all holidays. I am the Queen of Clearance! I was seriously buying clearance baby clothes for Clara at Gap before she was anywhere close to being born and got all of it for less money than clothes at Walmart.


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