Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twitter, Skip Bayless and WINNING

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a tweet from Skip Bayless, a sports analyst and Tim Tebow fan on the ESPN show First Take that Ben and I both watch each morning. His tweet said: "Today's contest for prizes based on the answers for #cheerupskip after the Tebow loss."

So, I quickly tweeted: " #cheerupskip when Tebow lost, my husband went to the other men in his life #benandjerry." Then, like a maniac, sat in front of the TV to see if my tweet was read on the show.

I am one of those annoying people that DESPERATELY WANTS TO WIN GIVEAWAYS. Since we've been married, I've won 3 giveaways...ALL from people I know. I've quit trying to win on the Pioneer Woman or any other famous blogger because when my chances are 1 out of 33,000, I figure I have better things to do than be severely disappointed.

About an hour after the First Take show came and went, I checked my twitter and saw that First Take had retweeted MY tweet with the word WINNER attached to it. I got really excited. Then, I realized that in the Twitter world COMPLETE STRANGERS were retweeting my tweet and I got EVEN more excited.

I started screaming. Then laughing maniacally. Then started to do my awkward I JUST WON dance.

My dogs stared. My baby stared. My husband stared. And me? I kept dancing.

Then, I called my dad. No answer.
Then, I called my brother (to reach my dad). No answer.
Then, I called my sister who was eating lunch and couldn't talk..but did congratulate me.
Then, I made Ben call his best friend.
Then, I posted on Facebook.

When my dad called, he shared my joy (though calmer and more dad-like) and asked if I had gotten a direct message with information on how to retrieve my prize.
Then, I hung up on my dad to check. I really need to get out more.

5 minutes later, I did receive a direct message.  I really was a winner! Which only brought more dancing, screaming and laughing.

And, what did I win? Just an I (heart) @RealSkipBayless shirt and backpack. The t-shirt looks like this:

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  1. That's so awesome... I've been elated when I've been retweeted by sports websites but I've never won a prize... Congratulations :)


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