Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Christmas Decorations.

Finally! I get to share with you our Christmas decorations. We had so much fun. Some of the projects were harder than I originally anticipated...(it's amazing how difficult a project is without a hot glue gun!) But, overall, we are so pleased with the end result. In case you are curious, we made the tree garland, tree topper, tree skirt.

I love our Tree Skirt. We cut a shag rug in half that we had in storage!

Last year, Ben made our Tree Topper. This is the one for 2010.

We lack a fireplace. So we improvised. And, don't you love the tacky  stocking lights? It was a White Christmas Party gift...AND I LOVE IT!

Even Milo got into the Christmas celebration.. (Ok. He actually HATES the reindeer antlers. But, I think it is SOOO funny.)

Not a decoration, but I had to share! My sweet little sister-in-law, Macie brought me a fun collection of cookies from her school Christmas party.

And, Macie made me a bookmark..that I will be making into an ornament because it so precious. This is the front.

This is the back of the bookmark. Ironically, my kitchen usually looks like this after I finish baking.

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