Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Year Old Cake

Part of our Anniversary celebration was tasting our wedding cake.

Yep. That year-old thing.

We had been told that sometimes it isn't good. That after a year, its is freezer burner and just all-around NASTY.

On our wedding day
Not our cake. Thankfully, my mother-in-law kept the cake in her freezer. Thank-goodness SOMEONE thought to take care of the cake. :)

This is how we had in the freezer. (minus the plate)

Do you see the frost?

Right before we took our first bit - a year later! With milk, of course!

Ben's first bite in action!

My pre-first bite!
Oh my goodness. I cannot even believe it. That cake is so good. It is not dried out, or freezer burnt. It was DELICIOUS! Has anyone else had any good one-year-old wedding cake stories?

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  1. Ours actually tasted just as good as our wedding day too! We had it in at least 5 layers of foil & suran wrap and then added to those 5 layers a freezer bag and then a paper bag to top it off.


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