Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 15

A lot happened this week, so I want to be sure to not miss this week's update.

Baby Registry: 
We have begun the baby registry process. While it is a lot of fun, it is also a good dose of reality of what we will be undertaking in 5 months. The completion of the baby registry will take a month and a 3-step process. We will go to 2 stores, but then the 3rd process will be coming back to get more gender-specific items and make our decisions on big things like car-seats, strollers, and cribs. So, what do you think is the best of those big items? We want something that will last, so share away. 

I the bed: 
This was a weird event. Mainly because neither Ben nor I are sure how it happened. One moment, I was sitting on the bed playing with Milo. The next moment, I was falling off the bed. Thankfully, I landed on my butt, so I was fine, but a little scared. Ben's concern was (probably) greater than mine; I wasn't bleeding, so I knew I was fine, but he was still worried. And, poor Milo was so upset. I think he felt it was his fault (but it wasn't).

This is a great segue into Week 15's Doctor's Appointment: 
Ben told me he was nervous to hear the baby's heartbeat after my night-before fall. But all was well, and we heard Baby A's heartbeat.
They took blood to check for genetic disorders such as down syndrome and spina-bifida. While Ben and I didn't really discuss this much afterwards, I think it hit us both that either one of these "disorders" could be in our future with Baby A. I do know we discussed it enough to know that no matter what, this is our child, and we will adjust and love Baby A regardless of what the future holds.
In other news, we are four weeks away from finding out if Baby A is a boy or a girl. We are SO excited.

Art of being (un?)Comfortable: 
As this pregnancy progresses,  I am quickly becoming more and more uncomfortable. One night this week, I woke up around 1am to Ben saying, "you really need a body pillow." I think he realized that I was trying hard to get comfortable and it was not working.
Aside from my struggle to get comfortable at night, I am also dealing with random aches and pains of my hips, stomach, and legs and my feet are beginning to swell ever-so-slightly. My doctor says its all normal, but I don't feel normal.
Lastly, I have resisted Maternity clothes for 15 weeks. But I knew the end of this resistance was in sight,  when my pants wouldn't buckle, and I'm running out of clothes that actually fit.

This week's cravings: 
Hip-Hip-Hooray! for pickles....and strawberries.
(for all who have wondered, I am not craving pickles and ice-cream!)

Note to Baby A:
The more that arrives for your nursery, the more excited I get for YOU to get here. We are 25 weeks away. It seems like a long time to wait, but I have established several mile-markers that help break up all those weeks.
- We find out if your gender. June 2011
- Your Dad runs a 10K. July 2011
- Your Aunt Lydia gets married. August 2011
- We take maternity pictures. September 2011.
- Your dad takes on his first triathlon. October 2011.
When I consider all those events, your arrival doesn't seem so far away. We are thrilled and anticipating the day, you are in our arms. We KNOW you will be one spoiled baby. And, that is okay. We only get these moments with you once. 

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