Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby A Update: Weeks 11 AND 12

Dear Baby A,

Well, congratulations to you! You are now 3 months along and you are movin' and grovin' right along. It will be a couple more weeks before I'll be able to actually feel you, but I'm excited for that day to come. You might actually convince that this entire pregnancy thing is not a joke. *wink*

Over the last couple of weeks, your rapid development and growth has completely sucked all the energy right out of me. I was sleeping 13 hours a night EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and still felt like I need just 7-8 more hours. It was rough. But, the recovery is on its way and I finally feel like a normal person.

I've noticed a couple of things I want to be sure to remember. A couple of things I want to make SURE you know about:

Apparently, you make people feel invincible. Your grandfather told me he didn't need to get out of the tornado weather - After all, HE WAS GOING TO BE A GRANDFATHER. 

You also give people the desire to celebrate Mother's Day. This will be the first Mother's Day in 5 years that my family will actually celebrate it. And, Baby A is going to be the star of that day for making me a "Mom-to-be". (How weird is that?!?!)

Your little library is quickly growing. And, your mother could not be more thrilled. WHO DOES NOT LOVE CLASSIC GOLDEN BOOKS?!?!?! You can thank your Grandma-Tina for that.

I had a lady dangle my necklace over my stomach and announce that I was having a girl. Boy or girl, we are excited to see you. We know you will be just a gorgeous baby. I mean, LOOK AT YOUR PARENTS!!! 

There is nothing more magical, more incredible then hearing your little heart pounding away. Keep on keepin' on! You, Baby A, are 6 months away from making your grand entrance.


  1. Dear Baby A, Keep the postcards and letters coming. We love hearing about you.

  2. Bethany and Ben, I could not be more thrilled for you two! What a blessed time in your lives! I read your blog the other night from the first post to the last and it was like reading a sweet love story! I really enjoyed it, though, I did pay for staying up so late! LOL! My prayers are with you and I can't wait to read the next chapter God writes for you guys! Hope you have a wonderful day! By the way, this is Jamie Saunders - I couldn't figure out the comment as stuff so I had to put anonymous!

  3. It is incredible that your baby is so well-loved before the big arrival date. You guys are awesome. This blog is a fantastic idea, and "Baby A" will really appreciate knowing one day how excited the both of you are. God Bless all three of you!
    Stephanie Jones

  4. Make sure that you have all the Children's books essentials: Goodnight Moon, Where The Wild Things Are, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, Peter Rabbit, etc, etc...


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