Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby A Update: Week 27

To be honest, Week 27 was not kind to me. At all. In fact, it was the roughest week in my pregnancy yet!

Here is a rundown of my not-so-great week:

- Feeling nauseous for 3 days in a row made for a rough start for the week. I know how fortunate I am to BEGIN to feel sick at Week 27, but it still made it rough.

-  Meeting a client for the first time and being told that I didn't look pregnant, I just looked chubby. Thank you?

- Being asked out by a man twice my age. It was creepy. HELLOOOOOO! I'm not only happily married, but PREGNANT! Interestingly enough, it reminded me of the story when my Mom was asked out while pregnant with me (ironically, I think she was between 6-7 months pregnant too!).

- Almost getting in a car accident...TWICE in the same night. Neither time was my fault, but that didn't stop me from freaking out.

- Realizing how much life is changing. I'm not talking about life after pregnancy, but I am talking about changes in relationships and friendships BECAUSE I am pregnant, because I am having a child. Pioneering this stage of life is not "fun" when you feel alone. So, this has been such a difficult thing for me to grasp (hopefully, I'm not alone?!?!) and it has caused me to be very emotional.

Ouch. That was a lot of heavy topics. Let me end on a good note:

- Madden is moving MORE THAN EVER. And, I am noticing his reactions to hearing people. Some people he moves according to their voices, but others who are unfamiliar or loud, he grows very still. It makes me laugh so much! (Speaking of noises, the dogs are running around the house chasing each other right now and barking and Madden hasn't stopped moving at the sounds of their shenanigans!)

- He also consistently moves between 10am-9pm. On that schedule, there is NO DOUBT he is definitely Ben's child.

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  1. Hey Bethany!
    Its Beth and Heather we wish you were here. Nate says you're pregtastic! We can't wait for baby Madden to arrive. I hope next week is better :D



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