Thursday, August 25, 2011

Being Thankful...for pregnancy

My mom LOVED being pregnant. Loved it. So when I ran into my Mom's friends last week, they all kept comparing me to her. The truth is that while I am my mother's daughter, I don't love being pregnant like my mom.

In light of that, I have been spending a lot time recently thinking about what makes me thankful while pregnant.

Here is my list:

1. Pre-natal vitamins. I love those little gummies overflowing with goodness. And, they are sooo good for my hair!

2. Feeling my baby move. Absolutely magical.

3. No morning sickness. I'm so grateful this has not been a part of my pregnancy.

4. Healthy baby. So refreshing to know this baby is healthy.

5. Swollen feet. My only "problem" but it means I'm active.

6. Ben. It is wonderful to know that my husband still finds his preggo wife attractive (even when I don't).

7. (approximate) due date. The countdown to single digits is SO VERY CLOSE.

8. I'm excited to meet this child...whose existence was created out of love. That is beautiful.

9. Embarking on the journey of parenthood...with Ben. I am so excited that sharing life with Ben means we this responsibility, joy, and more of parenthood together.

10. Grandparents. I love watching my dad touch my belly to talk to his grandson.

11. Looking forward to being a mom. I am looking forward to replacing midnight bathroom runs with midnight baby duties.


  1. That was great. Finding beauty in the simple things makes the wait a little less antsy feeling. Birth blessings to you! ~ doulaabby

  2. So excited for you Bethany! I know you're going to be a great mother!


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