Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 Things You Need To Know...RIGHT NOW.

6 Things You Need to Know...RIGHT NOW.

1. So, right now, I'm in the middle of my Bachelorette obsession. I'm particularly excited about this season because Ali from the Bachelor IS the Bachelorette. Ben hates her, but I love her. I guess that means she can't come to dinner. Bummer. Anyway... to anyone who hasn't watched the Bachelorette, THIS season is hysterical! Don't believe me? PLEASE check out this little clip of a guy who wanted to "show his love" so much...he got a tattoo to prove it.

2. Last week, Ben and I got into a big ole' *cough, cough* "discussion" ( our pre-marital counselor and she HATED the word argument). Words were hurled out of anger, tears streamed, forgiveness was sought and in the end, love won. Marriage has its ups and downs, but we are learning to work it out and be better. For each other. For our commitment to each other.

3. In light of the above mentionables (please refer to 1 and 2...AND yes! I did JUST make up a word): Ben gave me roses. On Monday, Ben celebrated my love for the Bachelorette AND celebrated us by saying, "Will you accept this rose?" Of course I said, YES. To. All. THREE. ROSES.

4. My favorite salad addition is this scrumptious combination: 1 vidalia onion, 1 green paper,  1 cucumber, all chopped up. Pour white vinegar, sprinkle generously with salt and pepper, refrigerate. Then enjoy. Let me tell you...its DEFINITELY worth crying over the onion for.

5. If you have some time to waste...or to be inspired. Whichever you prefer, I STRONGLY encourage you to check out the Parade of Homes on Poppies at Play. 

6.  This number signifies that Ben and I celebrated 6 MONTHS of Marriage on Saturday. Its been great. Ben makes my life better. Fuller. Richer. I love him.


  1. ...and I love you more with every day that passes!

  2. You do realize you said, "1 green paper".... :)


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