Monday, June 14, 2010

WHAT?!?! A Surprise!?!?!? You SHOULDN'T HAVE! (But I'm glad you did!)

I love surprises. And, I hate suspense. Really, I do. Which is WHY without warning, you suddenly are embracing a mustarderly-greenish-vibrate beauty called my blog. (Yes, I think I just made up the word "mustarderly") Just because I love surprises! Do you like the new layout? I L-O-V-E it.

If you do - TELL ME WHY. If you don't - PLEASE BE NICE.

*Whew! I'm glad I got that out of the way!*

In other news...I have some fun things in the works. I wish I could tell you EXACTLY what some of them are...but I'm not. (I know, I know, its simply CRUEL of me to dangle a surprise in front of you and then give you what I hate - suspense!) In all reality, I can't. It isn't time. And, its too early, really. But, I'm excited about it. So, be on the look out.

But, to make up for the suspense I'm making you endure...I am happy to announce, that my 'lil ole' blog is hosting its VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! This GIVEAWAY is to celebrate my new job, the new layout, summertime, surprises and really, just all things happy!Wahoo!!!!

Here are the ways you can be eligible: 

1. Leave a comment telling me the BEST surprise you've ever received. (you must expose your name in order to be eligible!)
2. Become a follower OR
3. Advertise my blog on YOUR blog or facebook (leave a comment with your link including the mention! Remember: If I can't access it, it won't count!)
4. Deadline: Thursday, June 14, 2010.
5. The winner will get: a Starbucks card. ('Cause ya'll KNOW I love me some Starbucks!) AND a surprise. ;)

Let's get this GIVEAWAY moving!


  1. i am going to win because the surprise was AMAZING!
    in 2005 we went to visit shaun's family for the first time in south africa. he had just taken a new job(after we booked the flights) and did not have enough vacation to stay for the whole trip. he ended up flying home a week early to start work and i stayed there with the girls. it was the first time we were apart for that long, and we both really missed each other. when i came home, i was so thrilled to see him at the airport. i was deliriously sleepy and decided to go straight to bed when i got home. he was extra cheerful and couldn't wait for me to go upstairs. when i started up the stairs, i found out why. he had been writing me love notes all week(i am words of affirmation all the way as my love language) and had no less than 100 postits covering our walls. i was in tears reading sweet words and all the kind things he was thinking of and missing about me while we were apart. best surprise ever! :) and after i finally took them down(they actually started falling off the wall), i took them to office max and had them laminated, so i will have them forever.

    cute layout of the blog, btw!

    love you,

  2. My biggest surprise was given to me this past Christmas. Cameron was working a part time job and I couldn't find one. I needed a new pair of jeans because my other pairs were literally tattered and in pieces(I'd had them for 2-3 years at that point). Obviously I couldn't afford to buy a new pair with our financial situation. Carol, Beth and Bekah came to visit right before your wedding and during our dinner we were talking about jeans and how once you find a place that fits best you can't ever buy them anywhere else. My place is Gap and Carol had these really nice jeans from there. So we talked about Gap and jeans and in the midst of the conversation I had made an off hand comment about how I can always go in and pull out an 8A and it fit perfectly. We went to Chattanooga for Christmas and I forgot about the conversation. When we returned I had a package from Bekah. She had given Carol and Beth and I our Christmas presents already in person and I didn't expect this at all. When I opened the package it was a pair of Gap jeans (8A). They had all chipped in to get me a pair and I cried. I couldn't even leave them each a coherent message because I was either a)bawling or b)trying to hold back tears
    I've never had friends that would do that for me. I've never had people who loved me so much and understood my needs and met those needs. Even if it was simply a pair of jeans. The Lord blessed me through them and their gift and it moved me in a way I've never been moved before. That was the most amazing surprise. I think you might understand this having been in a similar situation the past month and a half. It's just something like that to show you that God provides no matter what or how small & insignificant.

  3. The first itme we met I was wearing yellow shoes and you were wearing a sweater this color. I'm pretty sure we bonded in that instant that my mother pointed out that we were wearing weird forms of yellow. :)


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