Monday, June 7, 2010

My First Massage Experience

Today, I went to a Sports Massage Therapist to find out - ONCE AND FOR ALL - what is causing my leg to cramp up when I run. It was quite an experience. Let's start off by allowing you to see the text messages between Ben and I:

Me: Just realized I didn't shave my legs
Ben: Oh well...I am sure they massage hairy men's legs everyday
Me:  Gross
1 hour and 15 minutes...EARLY!
This place is weird
Another man just entered WITH his bike
I haven't even seen this man
[massage therapist] and I'm freaking out

Despite my paranoia, I managed to "save face" and appear cool, calm and collected. Until I was taken to a room, with a little bed. After the Therapist - who, really was SO VERY NICE and I would definitely recommend him to anyone - and I chatted, my insides calmed down. Then, the massage part came.
Therapist: I'm going to step out, make yourself comfortable. Keep your shorts on. 
I almost died right then. The moment had come. I would have to lay on that little bed...under the sheets to get this massage. I started to panic. I hadn't prepared myself. Why had NO ONE explained what it meant to get a massage?!?! So, I did what any normal person would do: I coached myself. It went something like this. "Bethany...DEAR...This is for your good. This is to help so you can run again."
Worked like a charm. That pep talk never fails me. Never. Ever.
The massage really was wonderful, and EVEN BETTER - I was able to find out what was causing me so much pain that left me limping back to the car after Ben and I would run. It was simple tri-fold case of: running too hard-uneven ground-not stretching AFTERWARDS!
And the best part of it all?  the Massage Therapist never made one comment about my (barely, but nevertheless) hairy legs. God bless'em.


  1. My mom has told me a million stories of awkward gross people who come in for massages!He probably didn't even notice your legs :)

    Loved this post. Glad it went well!!

  2. bahahaha! You're hilarious! :) can't wait for our chat tonight!

  3. I love you even if you do have hairy legs, you Amazon princess. ;)


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