Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Edward, Jacob and Ben

Dear Edward and Jacob: 


I am not on either team. I'm sorry. Thanks to your creator, Stephanie Meyer, I definitely like the Twilight series, but when forced to choose between the two of you, I simply can't. The sparkly skin of you, Edward, CREEPS ME OUT. And, Jacob, I'm not a fan of you shredding your clothes off to become a wolf.

Honestly, I'm just a Ben fan. Mostly because, while he hates you both, he takes me to see you. In the theater. And beyond the fact that I don't have to worry about him being icy cold or blazing hot (besides be H-O-T-T HOT)...he is just a lot of fun to be with. And Ben's facial expressions during the entire movie...priceless. Mostly, because he mocks you both during the ENTIRE film.

So....thank you for the entertainment. Its fun. And, fascinating to watch the books brought to life. But, in the end. I won't choose which I like the most. Because I'm not crushing on either one of you. I'm crushing on the man who takes me to see ya'll battle out your love (or obsession) for Bella.



PS - If you are an Edward, Jacob or just plain Twilight fan AND a can make IRON ON t-shirts to sport your adoration.


  1. lol! Bahahaha! Cameron won't set foot into a twighlight saga movie EVER and won't ever watch them if I were to rent one. He hates them that much. So I went to see it last night with Katherine and some other girls instead. :) It definitely was better than having a running commentary through out the whole thing. Maybe you can join us for the "finale." Oh and speaking of Finales maybe we could watch the Bachelorette Finale together!?

  2. If someone made me a "team Ben" shirt, I'd wear it.


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