Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cake Balls

So, Thursday night, I pranced around the blog and throughout my entire house, because I became the Domestic Goddess all because of the success of scones. I felt so liberated, that I decided to try cake balls.

I have tried cake balls before. It failed. Miserably. It was sad. People refused to eat them. And I shook my fist at those 6 hours of wasted time.

But that didn't stop me on Saturday. On Saturday, I "forgot" the pain and agony of laboring all afternoon over the dream of cake balls. I spent over 7  hours (again) making cake balls. Unlike my first time, it was a success. And I don't even know how it happened. Now, there are cake balls coming out of my ears. Out of my refrigerator. Out of my freezer. And, believe me...they are NOT welcomed to stay in our home.
These were confetti cake covered in white chocolate.

Chocolate cake with semi-dark chocolate.
Ya'll, while I'm proud of my success in making them, I am exhausted. If you decide to make cake balls, TAKE MY ADVICE: Block out 6+ hours of time, TAKE YOUR TIME. For real!!! Don't rush melting the chocolate, make sure you have plenty of wax paper, have an abundance of sprinkles and when you are finished - throw those cake balls in the 'fridge!

Well, after a very full cake-filled weekend, I'm signing off. If you make cake balls, let me know!!

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