Saturday, July 10, 2010

Picks & Peaks

Ya'll KNOW of my obsession with the Bachelorette...(just in case you forgot, head here and here)....But I have another obsession. While it is still mild in Bachelorette comparison, it is rapidly growing. Are you ready?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

There. I said it. I love watching that family. In case you are wondering, my favorite is Khloe (which, unlike Ben's feelings about Ali, he TOTALLY is okay with Khloe because she is married to an LA Laker). Recently, I watched Khloe's wedding. At the wedding, her sisters said they were raised with sharing their Picks and Peaks of their day at dinner. Awesome, right?

I thought I would skip waiting for dinner and not limit myself to just the day, and instead share the Picks and Peaks of the life and marriage with Ben.(Expect to see Picks and Peaks make many appearances on the blog)

Picks and Peaks:

Pick: Being married to Ben
Peak: (few favorite memories thus far) Valentine's Day - it was my first ever and Ben made it perfect beyond anything I could have imagined. Cuddling - thank-goodness that boy loves physical touch! How well he takes care of me.  Enough said there.

Pick: Date Nights. (yes, plural....I make up the rules as I go!)
Peak: Movie Dates where Ben creates a sentence using the movie title into the sentence. It's brilliant. And I love it. Picnics that include Lunchables. Shopping Trips. Yes, my husband takes me shopping. Coffee + books + Ben = Blissful perfection. Going to church. While this may not be a 'date', I definitely LOVE going to church with him. Date-Ins. Nothing is better than spending time AT HOME with Ben.

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  1. Pick: Loving my wife

    Peak: She is wonderful and you all know she is the best and most interesting blogger around; mostly because all of her blogs are about me!


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