Friday, July 30, 2010

July 29, 2010

3 years ago. It seems so long ago. I had to squinted my face up to just remember. Remember what I was up to. Pretty sure I was living my with one of my best friends, Audrey during one of my favorite summers.

3 years ago. Ben was living a vastly different life from me. And, literally...Literally, God snatched him up. Saved him. And, began the process of making Ben the man he is today. And gave him another life.  Making him the man he is today.

3 years later. Today. Today, we sat across the table enjoying lunch. Me and Ben. It's what we do. Lunch together. And, today, we remembered.

With love. With thankfulness.


  1. Its amazing how perfect God's timing really is in each of our lives. He is incredible and to think He knew what He was doing exactly three years ago is absolutely incredible!

  2. I love sobriety. And all the wonderful things in life that come with it. And I love you and Ben and all the advice and help and smiles that you brought to my life.


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