Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What You Say About My Blog...

"  Bethany, I am so mad at you."    About a week ago, my heart dropped to my stomach when one of my friends said that to me. All I could think of was: What have I done?

Never a fan of confrontation (WHAT.SO.EVER)...I was nervous (okay, TERRIFIED), to ask how I had offended her. "Bethany, your BLOG!" I belched out a roar of laughter as relief soothed over my nerves. My friend continued. "I spent over an hour and half reading your blog. It's so funny." Then, just days later, while at dinner with the same friend and her husband...he said - "I just found out we had a blogger amongst us."

I felt all James Bondish. You know, sly...sneaky...smooth...I felt all under-cover-like. I felt like the mom who doesn't HAVE to announce that her kid is THE honor student. I felt like giving my very own Academy Award speech. I felt like I was a celebrity. I felt important. I think you get the point.

Anyway, I really cannot express ENOUGH how much I love getting comments. Or sparking a conversation on a friend's Facebook status. Or, helping multiple friends waste time exploring all the interesting finds and blogs I love.. Or making you laugh (and me, too...AND, especially, Ben...He is my blog-laugh-o-meter. If HE doesn't laugh, it doesn't get published on the blog).

I never want to forget ya'll. Those who faithfully follow and read (THANKS, DAD!)....or you silent lurkers. I cherish you all. Thanks.

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