Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Long-Day-At-Work-Recovery Plan

I'm not a fan of long days. I'm not a fan of being tired. Seriously. I'm pathetic.

What? You don't believe me? When Ben wrote his Happy 7 months blog to me, he highlighted number 8 as:
My wife is so pitiful in the mornings, when I am at work, and when I have to leave. You have never seen a grown woman look so sad to see her man go.
He is so nice to me. I wish I could chalk up being pitiful to JUST Ben's leaving for work. NOPE! It is FAR beyond that. 

Believe me. THIS girl wants to be pampered and taken care of and until it happens - I'm down-right pitiful. For instance, this week at work we've been working crazy-intense long hours. I don't mind it. But, when I get home, my body aches. All I want is a nice bubble bath, a good book, a TV show to watch. All at the same time. And nothing else. Oh wait. Except rubbing. I want Ben to massage my aching legs. And my back. And my hands. Ben is kind enough to rub. He rubs and rubs and rubs and rubs. For hours, sometimes.But its never enough. EVER. I've even categorized it as rubbing parts 1,2 and 3. There is regular lotion. There is foot-only lotion. The poor guy doesn't get a break. The other night, Ben said, "Honey, if I don't stop rubbing I'm going to have arthritis."  My heart stopped. STOPPED. I felt horror creep in.
Of course, I said the first thing that came out of my mind - "Don't. Stop. Rubbing. PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE."

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